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medaremo "I'm ready...Are you?"
55 year old man from Alturas, California      Looking for woman for dating Last seen within the last four days

About medaremo

I'm a very outgoing guy. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I am very creative and love to write and make music. I enjoy traveling but I’m just as happy chilling at home. I'm honest, loyal, caring, and hard working. I’m a lot of fun, and very dependable. All in all, I'm very easy going and want the same in a life partner. Just want to Live - Laugh - Love!

What more can I say? I am ready to start with the next phase of my life. I've been told I'm funny and attractive, but I leave all judgments to you. I'm a very creative and artistic person. I am a musician and play in a top-40/classic rock band. I am also a published author.

I guess in order for you to get a true idea of who I am, I should tell you some of the things I like:

I love being with my family! I am the proud father of 6 (yes, you read that right) kids, who I raised for the most part as a single father. They have been my life and I love them all dearly. Only my baby is still at home and he’s 15, so I don’t have a lot of time left with him. The whole empty nest thing sucks, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it!

I like to watch movies. My favorites are action, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, comedy, and yes girls, even romance movies. Of course, if you look over at me during one and see moisture glistening from my eyes, I’ll just tell you it's allergies! LOL!

I like to sing karaoke and play music with my band. I love to dance, but find myself being the one who is providing the music for others to dance to most of the time. I really like slow dancing with the woman I love, most of all.

I like to entertain, and host parties for friends and family. Anything from a good old fashioned BBQ, to a costumed theme party!

I like being outdoors. I like camping, hiking, exploring, and I especially love being around water and all that it entails, like boating and swimming.

I love the feel, sound, and smell of a warm summer rain. I love thunderstorms!

I like to read, especially good sci-fi / fantasies, but I also like books on spirituality and psychology. Alright… I’ll come clean…. I’m also kind of a comic book geek! LOL!

I really like open communication. I like being able to share thoughts and ideas with people, especially with my life partner. I’d cherish her thoughts, and I appreciate honesty above all…. Good, bad, or indifferent. The truth may hurt some times, but nowhere near as bad as finding out lies.

Finally, I like hot tubs, skinny-dipping, warm moonlit nights, and sharing my hammock with my lover! I love romance … I love to be in love!

All in all, I am a hard worker and have a very busy life style because I have dreams and aspirations that I am striving for. However, that doesn’t mean I’m a ‘stick in the mud’… I am also loving, caring, loyal, and trustworthy … but that doesn’t mean I’m an over-grown boy scout…. I guess it boils down to the fact that I'm a good man, but I still have a little of that 'bad boy rocker' inside, (just enough to add a little excitement and spice to life) and I'm looking for a woman with those qualities as well. One who can take care of business but isn't afraid to be silly and have fun with life… someone who can be both my lover and my best friend.

That being said, I now have to leave a disclaimer... If you are married, please do not contact me. I want nothing to do with married women. Thanks for understanding.
Profession: USPS/Author/Musician

Physical Appearance

5' 11"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, sometimes they live at home
Christian - Other
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