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EliasTrueBlue "Looking For Beauty Inside"
65 year old man from West Chester, Ohio      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last four days

About EliasTrueBlue

I have had many hobbies and still enjoy many interests. I stay current on what is happening around me and have always had a passion for science in general and health.....although..I don't always follow my own script.
I have done a lot of traveling in my life and feel a need to smell, swim and be in a warm Ocean every so often.
Hiking is my current favorite activity and I enjoy watching most all sports.

Financially self sufficient, house paid off, plenty of money in the bank, father of 6 adult kids.

My music tastes are I can and do enjoy just about any good song.....except Rap.
Country is great....Soft Jazz on a Saturday Night.....Classical on Sunday morning...Classic Rock on Friday ?
Movies and books are part of my life as well.
I have read the wall street journal everyday for the past 40 years !
I enjoy taking the time to smell the roses or maybe Lilacs ...(:)....Because Life truly is too short :)

I believe that each of our lives are simply a group of relationships with others , some grand and most minor!
I also believe in Love, know Love and can fall in Love with You....and I will take care of you.

In my life , I have given thought to just about everything before us and I love deep thinking as well as shallow......spur of the moment thinking :)
I have opinions BUT I truly keep my mind open to new persuasive argument or thinking because sometimes we are wrong and certainly my opinions over my life have changed .

I have been described as Unpretentious....Oh...and Once I parallel parked a train !

Okay...If & after we make a serious connection, there is something I want to try.....I would like to try and Kiss without breaking lip contact for 4 minutes non stop.....succeed or fail , it should be Fun :)

I live alone in my suburban House, I am experienced , I have Money ( LOL) , I am personality disorder Free, My life is simple And I am a one woman man!

Memo: If your Heart partially belongs to another man , please move on. I want to Love someone and much more....I do not care what bad habits you may have, I only want Fidelity and Passion in a Drama-Free close relationship !

Simple: I am going to believe in You and You will believe in me.

Do you Kiss with your Eyes Open or Closed ?
When you say NO , do You really mean Yes ?
Do you ever say " My EX used to do that Too " ?
Is breaking up via a text message appropriate?
Do You agree that Couples that make love More Often , Argue less?
Is " Love At 1st Sight " possible Or Merely projecting ?
Assuming I only had time for one, Would You want a Foot or Back Massage?
I Do Occasionally Like to Hug very Tightly , Do You ?
Does Insatiable Love appeal to You ?
If I said " Hey Sweetcakes, How about You Coming over here Parking them Buns on my Lap " ...Would You think I am an Endearing Man or an Egotistical Red Neck :)

I am looking to call you BabyDoll and Sweetheart the rest of my life.

I date seldom so I may need some encouragement. The internet equivalent of throwing a pebble at my upstairs window. Break it if necessary.
Profession: retired now but I write

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
Christian - Other
Want Children?

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