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SCKid "One word: Adventurer"
27 year old man from Falls Church, Virginia      Looking for man for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About SCKid

I'm Rick James, *****! Kidding...but that is stuck in my head today lol

1. Hobbies: Just graduated from GW. Intl affairs and geography. Love em both. Otherwise I kayak, play tennis and cello, and spend way too much money sampling all of the cool exotic food this city has to offer. DC has all kinds of festivals, performances, and museum events that I'm always hitting up.

2. Aspirations: To be rich, famous, and never have to work another day in my life. #realitycheck. Since the former is highly improbable, I'm working in Defense, helping people through my work etc. Luckily I've found a job that I enjoy getting up for, pays me enough that I don't eat myself into debt, and allows me at least one mind-blowing vacation a year...I know, I know, and here I thought European companies were my only option lol

3. About Me: In the words of Avril, I'm damn precious. Ok, more serious, I'm that type A always early, in the thick of things friend who'll go fishing in the afternoon then hold a house party in the evening. I'm originally from the great state of SC, and later the not so great cornfields of OH, meaning I'm a Southern country boy with the aim of Annie Oakley and an affinity for good BBQ. I used to be a redhead, and still am at heart, take that at face value. I guess I'm also blunt, to the point, and will tell you about yourself faster than you can find a mirror if that's what it comes to. I'd see my personality falling as a combination of Anderson Cooper, Reba, Keri Hilson, Edna Moda, and Eric Northman.

4. I recently read an interesting study that proved music can be as addictive as drugs. Finally an explanation! I like all music except for screamo, and take people saying they don't like country as a personal challenge to prove them wrong. I'm a firm believer that loud music lets one feel it better, so the instances of times you find my volume setting on near max will accrue a positive kurtosis.
Profession: Defense

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5' 6"
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White / Caucasian


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Never married
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