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kittyfur "Looking for a man with a plan."
84 year old woman from Brighton, Michigan      Looking for man for relationship Last seen within the last week

About kittyfur

Welcome to my world !

-I live a simple life. Loyalty & honesty is at the top of my list.
Been kissed by a lot of frogs.(Hmmm.. But they never turned into a prince)! Darn!
I want a man who wants a committed relationship. Someone who is stable emotionally, reliable,& secure, within himself.He should be able to relocate
I am considering finding another place possibly in West Virginia, where the mountains are.
If the place is right.(I can`t tolerate these zero temps & way too much snow).
Won`t consider someone that travels for work. My only income is Soc. Sec. DO NOT assume I have any enheritence, a pension, stocks or bonds.....of which none exists. I am NOT A BANK. Do NOT ask me for money. Too many have.
Is it because I'm older & they think I'm stupid And think they can take advantage of older women, as so many have tried???
- Would I live in a mobile home instead of a nicer house if I had money? It`s men like that, that make good women like me, feel like crap.
I won`t settle for less than what I deserve. I`m traditional,& a homebody. Always nesting, making someone one comfortable. Like to cook & bake...will feed anyone within reach.
I miss affection & cuddling,in colder weather....
Sitting on my swing in my porch, in warmer weather & looking at stars & the moon.
Was told I was "sassy. with a touch of class".
I don`t text. Don`t ask!!.
I sometimes flirt, with no intent..but blame it on menopause. -Woops!
Even if I`m older, love knows no bounds. May be a cougar...
. Still have desires of the heart, mind & soul. I believe in real love & potential for more...not flings, & no spinning the mattress, on nighters.
I see LOVE as a dance.
You don`t have to know just have to choose the right music to dance to.
If someone wants me...they must respect me for who I am,
- not mold me into what they want me to be.... been there, done that, don`t want that.
If requested, I teach meditation,with skin care & make-up.
PLEASE: =Take the time to always tell someone close that you love them/
We pass this place only once... then someone may be gone. Please note:
My 23 son went on a date with his girl friend in 1978. He said: See ya later, Mom....but he never came back. Some drunk caused an accident.
After a coma for 6 days..
.I had to give permission for him to die.The hardest thing a parent could do is bury their child.
It inspired me to write about grief,& to share & cope.
Don`t celebrate BD`s...too much a reality check, & counting the numbers are exhausting!!
Don`t look for perky...I`m just curvy (Ok ,experiencing other things). LIke curves that are in different places. LOL!!
I am gathering the harvest of youth,.. as wine that gets better with age. Still ook at life as a glass half full -until someone kicks it over !! - THAT`S NOT NICE.
Would love it if someone was Retired,
.Not impressed with six=packs & prefer a little meat on a guy...better to snuggle with! .
-If you`re captivatingly interested... contact me.
Profession: Retired

Physical Appearance

5' 0"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
Christian - Other
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