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Gannel "Hello ladies!"
64 year old man from Truro, England      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last day

About Gannel

Ok, so I was never any good at describing myself.
So I had this tarot reading done and here's what the old gypsy lady told me:-

Sensitivity, generosity, spirituality, loyalty, a sense of the ideal, intuition and detail, and I would also mention Luck, which smiles down on you naturally, and which could become totally amazing if you took advantage of it!
Charm, sensuality, tenderness! No one can deny that you have these qualities in abundance, and that generally speaking you are attractive to others.
Your problem lies in your various characteristics, your own personality, which encourages you to be idealistic and romantic, often to the extreme!
?Like most people of your sign – men or women, it doesn’t matter – you are deeply attached to your childhood. You compensate for the all-too-rapid loss of childhood with your intense imagination, your search for extreme sensations and emotions, a romantic world, almost a paradise – or a paradise lost.
Creativity, intuition, memory and sensitivity are the qualities that govern your professional life. Your sensitivity, imagination and charm make you good at human contact, especially with young people who are more receptive to your efforts.
You are made for business... and vice versa! You can succeed in all areas of business, because your practical sense helps you sell dearly what you buy cheaply. You also have an instinct for practical gadgets.
You are interested in anything that has to do with images, imagination, and the imaginary: photography, movies, writing painting... You are also attracted to any profession that has a direct or indirect link with youth, lifestyle, the ecology or the environment.
It is clear that you have a huge potential, which you received at birth. The Moon, along with the other planets that control your Destiny, have endowed you with tremendous Lucky Power.

Well I guess you really need to get to know me to find out if any of the above is true!!
Profession: Freelance Photographer

Physical Appearance

5' 9"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
No answer
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