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thayland "Need a fresh start"
41 year old man from Brainerd, Minnesota      Looking for woman for dating Last seen over a month ago

About thayland

My name is Joshua. Im just a guy, a bit bland and not very exciting. I have a few tats and I like nice things. I have a 5yr old daughter that lives with her mom. She is my one true love(my daughter). I love children and thier fun ideas and creative ideas. I dont do drama, life is way to short to start crazyness, besides, theres enough excitement in life as is. I use to work with troubled youth and it was one of the most rewarding jobs I had ever had. I am a volunteer at the soup kitchen when ever I get a moment, and lately I have had a lot of time. I am a recovering Heroin addict, and am jobless, kind of homeless and working on bettering myself. My life was a great life before I had gotten invloved in drugs. I had a family, house, cars, money and security. I worked hard and played very little. I was the second most responsible person I knew. I want to be that person again and I dont want to lose my self to pitty and self loathing. I am going to get through this and persavere. Thank you for reading this.
Profession: Student

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6' 0"
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White / Caucasian


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