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GaiaWithAnR "Spiritual sensitive, self-sufficient wannabe :)"
57 year old woman from Canyonville, Roseburg, Azalea, Etc, Oregon      Looking for man for friendship Last seen within the last two weeks

About GaiaWithAnR

... seeks similar... friends first.

Good morning, all! I'm not exactly sure how to begin, but here goes nothing!

I love animals, sacred places out in nature of course, love to read, explore new places, low maintenance and prefer a walk through the forest or a dip in a lake or river, than a night out on the town... I like easy going people and just refuse to argue with anyone... life's too short :) ... working on becoming more and more conscious, connected and aware everyday and realizing what's truly important in this precious life that we are experiencing!

The only thing that is perfect is Love. When you feel gratitude and love, you have everything :)

Everything has it's life lessons and helps us to be kinder and gentler to fellow beings...

Studied electrical engineering and computer programming to jewelry and interior design a million years ago and always trying to learn new things and crafts... I love studying herbs and natural remedies... I think I'd like to learn to weld next... a hard worker and kind of eclectic I guess... lol

I would like to move to a positive, productive, self-sustaining environment with someone/people on the same path someday... if you are Spiritually sensitive as well, you will know exactly what I mean. I do have some things to bring to the table, so to speak. We can talk about all of the material stuff later (I do not own property anymore). We've all been through the material world and our vain days, right? lol :) Spirituality and all that goes with that --such as appreciating the abundance of natural gifts that surround us-- are most important of all right now.

Nature is life! Trees, plants, water, animals and air... not necessarily in that order of course! lol

I want freedom for every living being on this planet.

I was raised Christian and try to practice understanding, kindness and compassion with everyone... everyone has a back story.

Compassionate towards other people, all animals and even the bugs... single with no pets at this time. Not having at least a big dog and cat is super weird! lol

No longer interested in politics at all, "government" is a farce... although I did burst out laughing when I heard donald trump was running for president! (What next! LOL), haven't watched "the news" (lol) in years... living my own life without the hatred and division "the tv" likes to invoke :)

Outside smoking is perfectly fine with me. Light drinking is perfectly fine as well. It's not my job to police your life (and vice-versa) and doing things that make us happy is what this life is all about! I will even smoke a cigarette now and then... just because one won't kill me... lol :D

I hate to put a negative spin on this, but it is life these days... if you are looking for someone for simple sex, there are other ladies that do that (God bless them!), you should hit your back button... I am looking for something deeper than that... but I wish you all of the love and luck in this world! :)

I don't even know why I'm here... I don't think I'm "compatible" for most humans these days... it would appear I'm not near negative and superficial enough... lol! :D

I try to check in every 7-10 days or so.

Thank you for reading and keep smiling, loving and laughing with each other! :D
Profession: Community service related as well as self employed

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5' 3"
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White / Caucasian


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