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OmarSalaam "Educated and Single, yet a romantic."
32 year old man from Wilmington, North Carolina      Looking for woman for friendship Last seen over a month ago

About OmarSalaam

.....Good evening to you... I hope you feel as welcome as you are... People call me O. I am formally known as W. Omar Salaam, Graphic Designer. Hopefully you are a person that I would like to get to know. There is only one way to find this out... Just keep reading... The more you know about me,... the more you know... Knowledge equals leverage... But leverage is only balance... While experience equals charisma,... Charismatic Qualities hold my mind with a nice grip... Follow me? ok... Follow me...

.....Nice to meet you. There is so much to say in so little time, but I'm still gonna take my time with this. I am a serious person. I am a humorous person that does have a goofy side. Not gon front. But I know that if you get to know me, there's no limit to how strong a friend you will receive. I'm 21. I've spent the last 3 years in college. I am triple majoring to get all that out of the way. I like specifying my goals, seeking them out and tackling them one by one. Yea, it's juss that serious(simple as well). Take it from me. I can be that conversationalist for you. Sit up on the phone, i like that. Not too freaky if you know what i mean, but if people know what they want they know how to get it. Simply put, I am not. I am a complex individual, a fierce love, a mly underestimated believer, and a poet to boot. Some of these things make up the man I used to be. Some of these things shed light on the future of the man I will become(God Willing). I know for a fact I want to get married in the future, not only do I want kids but, I want to be happy. Simply put, this is not. Only because I know that life isn't easy. Money can't bring happiness, but it can smoothe the road from potholes. Now enough about OMAR(smile), I want to know more about what you and I can discuss. Take care, and remember, my Peace and Blessings are even from a mile away.

My ideal match:

.....I don't say...but, Like I always think... She has to be spontaneous enough to be on my level...If I can, I'll snag by on your lunch hour just to meet you at the park entrance to walk to a gry spot, throw a picnic down, and eat. Making the most of our time, lunch was already packed before I left this morning, I went to work, you went to work, and we both planned to take lunch on the same hour. Strategic. I like it so far...maybe we do this every week on thursdays...On Tuesday nights we go to the beach and do the same thing, yet this time we have a blanket, and 2 candles. Maybe a couple lil chocolates. You can be one. lol, I'm a mess, but at least I'm honest. I love to be the one giving, Yet I love attention. If you know that you love attention, yet love to see me satisfied, we can work, cause it's a give and take, push and pull, live and let live Relationship. Ooops. Did I say that R word? Yeah I did. Take care...and Peace and Blessings from me, even from a mile away...

The ideal setting for a first date:

That's Simple: A Poetry Jam

What I like to do when I'm not at work:

Cl, Studying, Writing, and Real Estate Development

Where I see myself two to five years from now:

.....Owning Homes, Leasing at least 50 units out, Having my Associates, my Computer Information Systems Certificate, My Computer Engineering Certificate, My Customer Service Certificate, and my A+,Net+,CompTia,Novell,Dell,and MSCE Certification,Co-Owning a Publishing Company, or at least being the subsidiary company to one. I already have my eyes on one, and they have their eye on my company.

If I could change one thing about myself:.

To be more humble...even though I know I am, you can never be to gentle...

Sincerely, -W. Omar- Shhh...You don't have to say much, just what ever comes to mind I would like to hear...
Just snap your fingers like this... and let the poetry flow from you...
Profession: Computer Information Systems Major, but I manage H

Physical Appearance

6' 3"
Body type
Black / African descent


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Muslim / Islam
Want Children?

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