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drkdk "Looking for an all around Texas girl, even if she's not from Texas..."
50 year old man from Austin, Texas      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last four days

About drkdk

I love the outdoors and all that is spiritual in nature. A healthy sense of self is important. More into dogs than cats, but appreciate a feline curiosity. Would like a companion that is adventurous, and doesn't mind getting dirty while having fun. Humor is a virtue. She must see the gl half full, and know where another bottle is hidden...

Intellectual pragmatism: One with a mind that can engage and captivate mine, and a soul that can win my heart. She must hold traditional values; prioritize family; treasure relationships; possess character, integrity, and principles; and is loyal to fidelity. She is strong on the surface but yet gentle and soft in her feminine style. She is serious about life but lighthearted in her actions. She must realize that her achievements or appearance do not define her. I do need a mind that is capable of 'thought'. I'm not an intellectual...I simply want someone I can bounce ideas off of, and set me strait when I go off in another direction.

I'd like to meet someone who's presence makes me feel more masculine...and her absence is felt and return anticipated. I do question if love is simply the triumph of imagination over intellect. No drama or selfish narcissists please...

"Happiness is the anticipation of needs being met..." Let's start in friendship and see what needs emerge over wants and desires...

Am not into tattoos or piercings, but admire imagination and creativity. Simply looking for a woman with similar values.
Profession: health professional

Physical Appearance

6' 1"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, sometimes they live at home
Christian - Other
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