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DPK1965 "Easy going, fun and smart."
53 year old man from Boothbay, Maine      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About DPK1965

Interests: art, movies, red sox, outdoors, reading
If you have viewed my profile, thank you. If I have e-mailed you and you are not interested, please e-mail back and just say that. I ask this because I think it is the right thing to do and I practice what I preach.
Secondly, if you are fake, I will figure it out. Because the internet is like a grocery store, we tend to move past anything that doesn't appear to be physically perfect. Realize how often we meet someone that we would not have gone up to at a party, then find there is a connection we didn't count on. I have dated many beautiful women who have become less attractive as I got to know them.
Even though I am divorced, for the first time I feel really good about myself. My ex and I are still close, as parents should be, and love our daughter very much.
I feel I have a much better perspective on what my life is about. I know nothing is worth having without being able to share it with a person or friend you truly love. For now, and always, that is my daughter.
I know that whatever I do in this life should be for the betterment of all. Meaning, everything we do has an impact on others both positively and negatively.
I am a very creative person, both in business and my personal endeavors. I work with my hands restoring antiques and my mind in creating, producing, and hosting a TV show about antiques.
I am also creative through painting. I am a abstract expressionist painter as well as painting in the "pop art" genre.
I write, read and love the outdoors...not so much during black fly season. I grew up in a small beach community in Connecticut. Through college and playing tennis, I have both been everywhere and have lived all over the country. I have spent time as a ski instructor in Aspen and New Hampshire. I was a surf bum in Hawaii and I've taught tennis in many places. Prior to moving to Maine, I had lived in Boston for 4 years.
I love the Red Sox but don't have to catch every game. That can be said for all sports unless it's the championship or Super Bowl.
I'm very pionate about anything I care for or do.
I am not fake in any way and that is what I would expect from a friend or partner. I know we all have flaws and insecurities but that is what talking and sharing is for. I know that the best things in life don't always last forever, there is a reason for everything and trust and respect are needed for true happiness.
If you would like to view my TV show. Go to youtube and search maineantiquejournal.
I'm looking for someone who is on their way or already happy with who they are. Perfection is unattainable but acceptance is better than tolerance.
You don't have to fit into any particular activities or interest. I may not currently be into what you do, but may find it interesting and want to know why you enjoy it. If you are divorced and have been for awhile, I know what it is like to get your independence back. Making the transition to meeting new people can create a conflict with that. Please understand, I am not looking to control anyone. I would love to share my life and learn about yours. If I have emailed you, that means that I see something special in you and hope you will see something in me.
Profession: Self-employed

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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