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TheProfiler "In "Auto Pilot"mode!"
57 year old man from Vacaville, California      Looking for man for dating Last seen within the last two weeks

About TheProfiler

Due to the number of guys that have attempted to scam me on this site, if you're not willing to verify your identity, PLEASE, move on. It is a huge waste of our time as others have tried and failed. I'm not here to finance anyone's dire situation, regardless of the need. For those that are genuine, I apologize for this stern comment. As some of you may have experienced the same type of scam, it's rough pouring out your heart for weeks to those with false intentions.

Personality wise, I am laid back, sense of humor, sarcastically witty, not into too much drama, honest, shy at first but then open up. I'm not perfect by any means, not built like a Mack truck, not where I want to be financially, and have the average "baggage" that no one claims to want or have...but does whether they like it or not. :-) Guys, everyone talks about being drama free, happy go lucky, positive outlook, and all the good stuff, yada yada yada. But the fact is that life is drama. So just be yourself and be real! Like they say on airline flights, please store your luggage in the overhead compartments or underneath the seats in front of you. This is where mine is and RARELY if ever do I check in a suitcase (unless it's full of gifts)!

In addition, I'm hoping to find someone that will help me to continue to grow and broaden my horizons, as I would hope to do for him. Life has not gone they way I planned but I've learned from my mistakes, which means I've grown. We've all heard the saying, "when life hands you a bowl of lemons, make lemonade!" Well, here's my response to that. BS! You take one of those lemons, cut it in half, and squeeze it into peoples eyes! While they're temporarily blinded, you take the rest of those lemons, you throw them as hard as you can, and make people feel the same pain you do! Revenge is sweeter than the damn lemonade! :-) That'll make people think twice about giving you a useless bowl of lemons.

***Disclaimer-the above actions with the lemons is only a metaphor and NOT but be taken literally***

Would love to find a hiking bud, biking, camping, movies, dinner, etc.
Profession: Realtor

Physical Appearance

5' 11"
Body type
Latino / Hispanic


Marital Status
Never married
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