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seduceme2 "Just looking around"
38 year old woman from Coalgate, Oklahoma      Looking for man for friendship Last seen over a month ago

About seduceme2

Seduction involves a whole lot more than a sexual aspect. If you understand where I'm coming from, send me a message...I'd love to hear from you. A friendship is important to me and I believe it's a good foundation for any relationship. I'm mostly sweet with a little bit of sassy (and a lot of feisty) ;) the little girl in me still wants to find my Prince Charming and have my own little fairy tale! But beware I'm really good at reading people and I'll know if you are portraying Prince Charming and are really just a retard in tin foil :) honesty is the most important aspect of any relationship, to me!! I'm not interested in 'just hooking up' as I think that people should have a little more respect for themselves than that! We are all adults on here...or we should be and I'll give you all the respect you deserve if it's shown to me! Just a heads up, I'm way more intense than my sweet eyes portray and if you're interested in a deeper connection...I'm your girl! I'm not all serious and I love joking around and goofing off! I have a lot more to say...but I'll wait til you ask ;) ...UPDATE [sad that I have to add this lol] ...I'm aware that you guys like your parts taken care of and I'm aware that you enjoy it ALOT...I mean, come on, what man doesn't....I don't really need to be told nor do I need some very descriptive account of what your fantasies are (even if those fantasies involve me) if I care to read a long-winded (over used) description of something that will get my mind wandering, I can look it up online or search through a few videos...if I want to know your fantasies, I'll ask ALSO (MOST IMPORTANTLY), IF YOU ARE NOT WITH IN THE US, I'D PREFER THAT YOU DON'T CONTACT ME...I'M NOT INTERESTED...AND I WILL BLOCK YOU ...geez, didn't think my 'brief blurb about myself' needed to contain such forwardness in regards to what I will or will not tolerate lol anyway, for those of you who have been sweet to me [you know who you are] ;) thank you
Profession: Sales

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5' 4"
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White / Caucasian


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