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cccountry "Hi"
62 year old woman from Blairsville, Georgia      Looking for man for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About cccountry

ok i'm a widow,does that mean i have have money NO,does that mean i'm so lonely that i will settle for anyone NO.i am lonely and would really like to meet someone with values.i'm not into the chatting game.if there is no chance of us meeting then don't bother.and don't start chatting or sharing text or emails and after one or two tell me i'm you soulmate,i mean get real how do you know just by a couple of takes time to build a friendship and that is what i would like to a friendship first and you really have to get to know a person for that.i do hope to find someone someday and if you are willing to really get to know me and take me as i am then who knows.i am a kind,honest,truthful and trusting person.that is what i want in a man to.i'm not perfect (long ways from it)and i just want to be loved and wanted for who and what i i would do for if you would still like to know me better then please just send me a message and we'll see what happens
Profession: home

Physical Appearance

5' 2"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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