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Antietam "Looking for a Sweet, Smart, Funny, Kind Woman"
65 year old man from Johnson City, Tennessee      Looking for woman for dating Last seen within the last four days

About Antietam

Kind, easy-going, humorous when you get to know me. Widower (over 7 years now) after 25 years of a good marriage.

What I am looking for is someone with whom I am compatible & have the chemistry of physical, emotional, & intellectual attraction, a woman who is kind, sweet, compassionate & passionate, but who is also practical, smart, & funny. Plus, she should not be much bigger than I am (sorry, only being honest since I am not attracted to ladies too much bigger -- in either height or size -- than I am). Want that apparently very rare chemistry that keeps 2 people bonded. But I'm not too picky, right?

While I don't have too many deal-breakers, I strongly prefer a nonsmoker but absolutely won't be associated with meth at all or narcotics under any except legitimate medical circumstances (taken as prescribed), but 4:20 is OK if moderately used. Honesty is also necessary (underline it).

One thing you should know, I am not mainstream in my religious practices (& not a Christian if that makes any difference to you) but I'm also not judgmental about others' religious beliefs, though I won't be preached to or be subjected to conversion attempts &, rest assured, I will do no preaching or converting either (especially since I wouldn't know what to convert someone to). Let me say, however, if you're a religious fundamentalist or fanatic or devout atheist (or an agnostic who won't leave the subject be) & won't accept a divergent path, it likely might just be best if I bid you good luck & wish you well. The Dalai Lama said: "The purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticize others."

As far as I am concerned, for me religion & politics aren't good reasons not to get involved if the 2 people like each other & don't mind the differences between them on these matters. As Navy SEALs say: "Mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter." That said, I'm quite fond of liberty & likely wouldn't get along too well with an overly authoritarian person, whether right or left leaning. As H.L. Mencken said, "I believe in only one thing: liberty; but I don't believe in liberty enough to want to force it on anyone."

Personally, I have no interest in sports of any kind & don't golf (except putt-putt), ski (water or snow), bike, or ride horses or motorcycles either, and I don't mind if you do but don't expect me to go along unless it's to find photos to take. I do like to walk & hike; camping on the other hand is something I would do only in case of the end of all civilization, maybe not even then, or you hold me at gunpoint the entire time. Do try to exercise regularly at home, not much on gyms or spas or whatever they call these places now.

Even though I have a doctorate, I'm not set on finding someone of equal or similar educational background. It's how we get along that counts, not what pieces of paper you have hanging on a wall. At bottom, I think 2 people just have to like each other as well as love each other for a relationship to last & if they do like each other, they'll enjoy doing whatever together because being together is just fun & natural.

While I'm willing to travel some to date, any distance exceeding about an hour's drive is likely an obstacle to most dates, so I'm looking for someone fairly close. Just a practical consideration.

At our ages, we all have a little baggage. But for me what really matters is this, will our past be an anchor or a sail?

PS Since I'm not fond of serial first dating, if a profile is short (especially those that just say "hi" or "ask" or "later"), I tend to pass by because I can't make any judgment about compatibility. If you have a short profile but otherwise think based on mine that we might be compatible, you'll have to take the initiative. A couple of other free dating sites (OKCupid,where I'm Mudwall, & POF, where I'm GeneralCleburne) have better profile formats & I have more details on those.

After more than 4 years on dating sites, I believe I have derived the FIRST LAW OF INTERNET DATING: "Anybody you want to go out with, won't want to go out with you; anyone who wants to go out with you, you won't want to go out with."

As the years go by without . . . .

NOTE: As with religion, if you're a devout vegetarian or vegan who wants to convert your significant other to the practice, if you think money is to be spent rather than managed, or if you don't really enjoy regular passion inside a faithful monogamous relationship (even after the new wears off), we're likely starting with one or more strikes against us. Something to think about.

With great reluctance, I add here, based on experience with what some ladies seem to want, if all you will do is ask for money, pass me by.

Profession: Self employed, flexible schedule

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
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White / Caucasian


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