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unshockable "" see me, read me and come on don't be shy, contact me if you dare!""
69 year old man from Woodford Green, England      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About unshockable

My name is Mike, 5ft 11 inches, slim, healthy and look and feel much younger than my age!! I am health orientated and look after myself! I don’t smoke and drink very little alcohol if at all!! I am extremely broadminded, unshockable and I am a very loving, warm, pionate, caring, romantic, honest, sincere, outgoing and down to earth person, with a good sense of humour!! I am an extrovert and believe in complete open and honest communication from the heart!! I am flexible, adaptable, and intelligent and I have many interests. I love all the arts i.e.; music (clical, jazz, some pop, operetta, opera, musicals, romantic, serious and comic plays, clical and modern (ballet), films, art galleries, museums, history and historical places and people, athletics, ice skating, gymnastics, horse racing, naturopathy, medicine ( gynaecology), cars, interesting places, nature, animals, traveling and meeting interesting and different people etc; I am very heterosexual and love females and femininity!! I treat females, as a person, an equal, with brains, intelligence, gifts, talents, emotions and needs, no matter how sexy and physically desirable they may be!! I do not like chauvinistic males or extreme feminists!!I am seeking a lovely girl/woman, who is honest, looks after herself, health orientated, doesn’t smoke, sincere, very loving, pionate, intelligent, extremely broadminded, who is mature for her age, very understanding, loving, naughty sense of humour and supportive.She must be interested in me, as a person first and I am not interested in any gold diggers!! To be brutally honest, I am in a non- existent, completely loveless marriage, whereby a celibate monk has more love than I do and I want to separate and divorce, as soon as possible!! I have a great deal to give to the right person of the opposite sex, whether it be friendship, or sex, or love and I look forward to hearing from you lovely, intelligent girls and women!!
Profession: Business Development Manager

Physical Appearance

5' 11"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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