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AnjoBanjo "Looking for my happy ever after!"
32 year old woman from Dunbar, Scotland      Looking for man for relationship Last seen over a month ago

About AnjoBanjo

I am terrible at these things so bare with me! I have used this site before along with others, thought I got lucky recently but as the saying goes too good to be true! Anyway.. My name is Angela.I have 3 incredible boys twins (5) eldest (8). I am 27 and ain't getting any younger lol, currently unemployed (NOT BY CHOICE) I am on the hunt!! I am definitely done with the drama, and games I just want to enjoy life with someone I see a future with. I describe myself as a bit of a hippy in the making haha, I hate confrontation and drama, I'm definitely a peace keeper! I'm down to earth, I can't stand snobbery or judgemental people! I'm a free thinker I try to see the best in everyone and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve which isn't always a good thing, as it has a way of biting me in the ! I am without a doubt a nemophilist ( yes I know it's not in the oxford dictionary but apparently a word-google folks) a walk through the woods or surrounded by the beauty of nature is sure to relax and clear my head, I am always snapping pictures of pretty much anything cool, interesting, or unusually beautiful! October is my favourite colour, fall is amazing in itself. :) Cooking is also something I enjoy doing again it's very relaxing and tends to be quite fun in my house, get the country music on have a boogie while I create a masterpiece lol! I am friendly and love chatting to new people so if you managed to get this far without being bored to death feel free to say hi :) (well maybe a little more than hi) haha!
Profession: On the Hunt!

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5' 9"
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Never married
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Yes, they live at home
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