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truthseeker53 "Very unorthodox, God fearing, Jesus loving, Commandment keeping, truth seeking, overcoming, honorable, trustworthy, TRIM, happy in Christ soul seeking same in helpmeet to live in rural W. TN."
65 year old man from Holladay, Tennessee      Looking for woman for marriage Last seen within the last day

About truthseeker53

I count my blessings every hour and enjoy the weather most every day. Lost left leg to motorcycle wreck in '81 but I refuse to kick back and die. Just can't kick as high, hard & often as I usta. Even though I'm not super able physically now I'm NOT lazy and don't need some unproductive soul who's mind runs on travel/recreation. Had way mor'en my share of the "fun" girls.

Quit drink/smoke/party in '89 after pancreais. With my head cleared up I dug into the depths to relieve my nagging ignorance and find what the real deal was/is. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you've rejected knowledge, I will also reject you... I'm still learning, plan to always. I don't want to be in His reject pile. DO YOU!?

Travel; Got it done young a'trucking. I only travel when necessary. One way I can tell if I'm having trouble is when I'm not in my bed at night.

Education; Public/higher "education" is pretty much anti-God brainwashing, but is also overcomeable. The lessons from God, the French revolution and history in general are lost to academia.

Sports; In the grand scheme of things the outcome of sports events have zero or less importance.

TV/movies; Rare exceptions noted, a vast anti-God wasteland.

Unappologeticaly UN-attracted to elders, africans or heavys. Heavy's not terminal & IS overcomable. Your choice. God designed us to eat to live, not live to eat, instructed us as to what to eat/not eat. I can help here IF you help yourself. The absolute worst thing you can consume is ANY kind of "soda pop".

I need a helpmeet who's not confused by/allergic to reason/logic, who's actually able to think & proact instead of react. Someone who's really seriously pondered on God's word and the lessons He's provided for her, especially the first about Eve. Someone with a happy pleasant teachable spirit who values a garden and chickens more than things of the world.

I'm repulsed by vanity. I don't need a painted, coiffured, bejeweled, overdressed woman of the world. I've never saw a "pretty" woman leaving a "beauty" shop.

PLEASE READ! You may type really fast and enjoy it but I key peck VERY slowly. Thus I ask you to please afford me the kindness and consideration of getting acquainted by phone after the initial contact. My trying to get to know someone by typing is akin to washing a house with a toothbrush with a pressure washer in the shed. I do have unlimited long distance and talking is much faster and WAY more revealing of spirit and character which is why you do this anyway. Please KNOW that I WILL NOT misuse your phone number as I have absolutely ZERO interest in bothering anyone who isn't interested in my attentions.
If you've phone phobia/allergy/aversion please don't message 'cause chat/text AREN'T for me.

I have lived in this area all my life excepting military time and a few years of work afterwards, and am well referenced.

If you're not the shallow, painted, pierced, bangled Sunday preacher listener and seek depth in your life let's talk. Dwayne.
Profession: Retired trucker

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6' 0"
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White / Caucasian


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