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58 year old man from Aiken, South Carolina      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last four days

About Larenza

I am told that I don't look my age but what is age but a number. All I can say is God is good! :D I am very easy going, very laid back, very affectionate Christ centered man that loves physical actives such as working out, biking, swimming, hiking, basketball etc.I have recently filed for divorce.All signatures have obtained and I am just waiting for finalization.I married for love but my mate married for other reasons I have found out. Yet I am very much over the past and I am way past ready to move on! I am 100% real from the moment you meet me. I don't lie or try to impress because i believe a person should see exactly who you are on the very first date. I offer unconditional love, affection, and 24/7 respect.I will have your back in every situation and I will always protect you and your honor. Lot's of money and fine things I do not have but If I did have riches they would be yours just as it would be mine if you were my mate. Now I would not tell you I had riches until way down the road because everything should be about LOVE. :D I would personally prefer to live in a tent and be deeply loved than to live in a mansion with someone that brings drama every day and night. A house is not a home unless love dwells there. I am old school in that I believe a man's word is his bond. If I say I will do something I am obligated to do it. I have worked very hard on behavior through the years to be a very good mate for the right woman but I am by no means perfect. I very caring, very respectful and I can be a bit silly at times but I am willing to do what it takes to have a wonderful relationship.Have you gotten beyond your prideful ways and are willing to love and cherish an imperfect person? One that you will never have romantic dinners and conversations with over a glass of wine because they never drink? The romantic dinner and converation I will be overjoyed to do anytime. :D I am just putting this out there because I see that so many women have drinking wine associated with romance in their profiles. I would like to get scratched off you ladies lists early rather than later. :D Thank you for stopping by.

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6' 4"
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Black / African descent


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Yes, they live away from home
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