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Circleofflame "I'm looking for you?"
45 year old man from Monticello, Georgia      Looking for woman for marriage Last seen over a month ago

About Circleofflame

Are you a scammer? Stay away!! I will find out and turn you in!!! Pretty much, I'm a simple, down to earth, guy. All of my friends say I'm a nice person, who has a great sense of humor. I think that I am/do too! I have a good job as head of Enviromental Health & Safety, for a large corporation. I reside in a house on lands that I have owned and lived on/in for the past 14 years (just to let you know I'm stable). I do travel to other countries, for my company and on my own. I could possibly visit someone if a relationship should turn serious or you can come here to Georgia; it would be your choice. I want to possibly, sometime in the future, relocate to Europe. I have a bachelor's degree. I like romance; I like holding hands. I like being cuddled up with my lady. I am a gentleman, I hold doors, I say thank you, I say yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am. I don't believe you ever outgrow common courtesy. I want someone who is honest and upfront with me. I'm different from most every other guy on this site; I'm not perfect, I do get mad, I have my own problems that I have to deal with. I don't cheat, and I will treat you right (believe me ladies, I know what it's like to be cheated on and betrayed; it hurts and I never want to experience that feeling or cause anyone else that kind of pain, ever again)! I'm me, take me for who I am. Most ladies say they're looking for a nice guy, with a good sense of humor. What they really mean is, they're looking for Brad Pitt & Ryan Renolds, wrapped into one (or the fantasy)! Well, I'm not Brad Pitt or Ryan Renolds but I am the handsome man, the nice guy, the real man, with the good sense of humor and a bright future... ... ... ... ... Any takers? I hope so ... ... ... Questions? Ask. All inquiries will be answered. United States, Canada, All European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

What I'm looking for?
[I would hope that if I take the time to write you an email, ladies, that you would have the common courtesy to write me back, even if it's a "not interested" reply.]I'm not looking for a super model. A woman who is decently neat, a woman who is very clean, and who cares for themselves. I'm 5'8 and stocky. I am mostly neat and very clean, and I'm health conscious. I work out and try to eat healthy. I don't always succeed but most of the time, I stick to my regimen. I'm not a health nut. A nice personality, a sense of humor, intelligence, and a woman who smiles a lot and who is happy, is also essential. Non-Smokers only! Smoking is not only nasty and gross, it's making you nasty and gross and killing you at the same time! I believe in communication. If you don't talk and communicate, there is no reason to be together. I want a romantic woman. A woman who likes nothing better than riding in the car, finding a beautiful spot and watching the sun set, while holding hands or sharing a tender kiss. A woman who likes holding hands or drinking hot chocolate on a cool evening, watching the world slowly spin. I like a woman who likes to play, jokes, sarcasm and who isn't thin skinned or whiney. A great sense of humor goes a long way in a solid relationship. Please don't just look at my profile, please write me back, even if it's just an exploratory email. I look forward to hearing from you! Unlike a lot of people on this site, if you write me an email, I will write you back; you have my word! As I said before, I'm looking forward to finding that right person and I hope you take the time to find out if it's you!Note for (mostly) Scammers* If you are looking to sell yourself (prosution), videos, photos or anything else, I'm not interested (there's too much of that on this site)!
Profession: Environmental Health Safety

Physical Appearance

5' 8"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
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