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RealTexan "Wanted/ALIVE: Sensuous gal with sense of humor and quick wit"
69 year old man from Waco, Texas      Looking for woman for marriage Last seen over a month ago

About RealTexan

Looking for good-looking woman with boat, motor, trailer, pickup who can clean and cook fish. Please send photo of boat, etc. (Just Kidding). Although that would be ++++)

Why You Would Want To Be With Me:
#1 I am very good looking (see photo). I'm athletic. [If you can lie with a straight face add 3 +++]
#2 I hate football and all other televised sports. (If you liike football subtract all the +'s you had so far)
#3 I can out cook YOU any day. (Make the bet INTERESTING) Oh, Yes, I AM straight. VERY!
#4 I actually really DO like long walks and stimulating conversation, yada, yada, yada.
#5 Favorite types of flicks: romantic comedies (top of list), comedies, horror movies ( one of my faves), action/adventure/thriller -- blow 'em up, crash 'em, shoot 'em, kill 'em (hey!, I'm a guy, OK?). Chick flicks I can handle with a beer or two (I might even stay awake!).
#6 WHAT? You're not in love yet? How 'bout this -- I cuddle really good. Whoooo! Do I love to cuddle! I also repect your right to say No.

About You:
You are: funny, fun, articulate, communicative, forgiving, open-minded, frank, sensual, sexy, feminine, in touch with your own femininity, rebublican -- Don't you just loath Hillary and her prick - Bill?-- You have the inate ability to see the comedy of the human condition as well as the tragedy of the human existence. You are the power behind the throne, the force that drives the man, the very essence of the reality I seek. YOU are a woman! The REAL thing! You are your own person with your own ambitions and expectations; you accept no subsues. You know who you are. No one controls you; only the man beside you drives you and you he. It has been said "Behind every great man is a woman" Are YOU that woman? Who is behind whom? Can we walk side by side?
Profession: Many Hats

Physical Appearance

5' 10"
Body type
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Have Children?
Yes, they live away from home
Christian - Other
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