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Lyte "Just looking in case that guy the psychic told me about all those years ago is here somewhere"
55 year old woman from Carson City, Nevada      Looking for man for friendship Last seen over a month ago

About Lyte

I am a contradiction. I am a homebody yet love helping others. I am shy yet I love to teach. I dont have much yet I love to give. I want to embrace life yet I am afraid. I stumble yet I keep getting up. I feel depleted yet I find the energy to go on. I want nothing yet I want so much. I am intelligent yet sometimes naive. I am a lot of things yet I am one.

I'm honest and upfront, so please take note that my profile states I am looking for friendship. If that evolves one day into more, then I am open to that. How often do you hear people say they were friends before lovers? I want to love somebody as my friend and have somebody love me as a friend as I find this type of relationship to be the most committed and serious. I want a man who is patient, which means he gets to know me some before broaching the idea of meeting. Also, I am not always able to answer correspondence right away, so if you have a sense of immediacy, its best not to contact me. I have had two guys have some highly immature responses because I didnt get back to them according to their time frame. Its nice because it let me know right off not to waste my time there. I am telling you all this because I dont want you to waste yours either.
Profession: social work

Physical Appearance

5' 10"
Body type
White / Caucasian


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Yes, they live away from home
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