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littlemikewolf "Noone under 40 message me plz not here to babysit my dates."
50 year old man from Lawton, Oklahoma      Looking for woman for relationship Online now!

About littlemikewolf

45-55 year old Females in Oklahoma only need to reply

I do not have Gmail so for those scammers asking for Gmai I dont have I only chat on here.

About Me
Why am I back on the fake site for fake picky females who love to play Reindeer Games Probably why most females still on here they play there games and run cause scared to know a guy like me who is no perfect 10 rich boy or ya females just bored and love playing ya's female mind games, I'm not desperate who wants a one night stand like most guys ya tell me about, and no I'm not a guy to make your x jealous or my favorite, (Too up one on your single friends that you have a guy for the night SMDH). I keep to myself I'm tied to noone no x's been divorced a long time dated on and off to find females never change on the Cheating side so yes ya females Cheat more then us guys ya say do. I'm looking for someone who don't judge a guy and is always 50/50 in a relationship and will not part way with me for as long as the relationship last maybe forever or ya get tired of me lol yes i have a car and long distance well not a problem just as long as it's close to 50 or little more miles from me. I don't do the bar scene, do to I don't drink I work same as ya Paycheck to Paycheck. Just wait till ya find that perfect 10 guy and turns out to be a dud :D

Now if ya want a real caring, sweet, honest, guy and God fearing man who don't drink or smoke even swear, then I'll be over here. I have 2 beautiful daughters grown and out on there own. I love what I do and I work alot why I'm on here I want to find fun in life go places site see I been bottled up in my own world a long time. Just call me " Doolittle Lynn" too much make up is not for me little dab will do :). I’m a nice caring person with a good heart. I am looking for an honest person who likes to have fun. I love thunderstorms but I can’t live without stooping and smelling the roses. I find beauty in almost everything about this incredible world we live in. We can chat get to know each other and go from there, you will be amazed there are still old fashion guys out there as in myself, I believe a good connection starts with a "Hello" I may not be every females dream however I can be everyone's friend funny inside and out.

I picked this picture simply because it is me while surfing the multitudes of online dating sites, I realized that every profile picture, is either from a dance or fancy outing or at a professional photo studio, it doesn't show whom they are in real life. I feel honesty is the key to a lasting relationship, so I took this picture of me wearing regular clothes on a regular day so you and every one else can see me for me.
Profession: maintanance C.I.D

Physical Appearance

6' 1"
Body type
Native American


Marital Status
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Yes, they live away from home
Christian - Other
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