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Leeaz383 "Tucson Living, Loving, Caring, Honest, Trustworthy, Sensual, Emotional, Sexual"
54 year old man from Tucson, Arizona      Looking for woman for relationship Last seen within the last four days

About Leeaz383

Greetings to all the single Tucson and Women candidates in the state of Arizona. I hate to have to do this... but...
***** NOTICES: *****

*****If you do not live in and currently reside in Arizona, United States of America, then thanks but no thanks!

*****If you are outside of the Tucson area and are unwilling to relocate to the Tucson area where I live, then thanks but no thanks!

*****Any woman's profile that is inaccurate or says they live in Arizona and does not (lives in Ghana or some other place or foreign country) will be reported to Mingle and BLOCKED.

*****DO NOT ASK FOR MY E-MAIL, TEXTING, HANGOUTS OR PHONE NUMBER!!! Doing so will give you an immediate spammer report logged and you will be permanently BLOCKED.

*****I CHAT HERE until I'm ready to do otherwise. You are not charged to send me a message(s) on this site. Do not ask me for my texting info, hangouts info, Skype info or you will be blocked.

When you contact me, you will need to give me this code as proof you read my ad completely: Code 1, 1A, 2B (big brownie points for the source of this code)

Since that's out of the way.....

I have never married, 100% single Tucson man who seeks love and intimacy. I DO NOT SEEK a platonic activity partner.

What I have to say, will eliminate me from contention for many women.

I am who I am. I can bend a little. But what you see of who I am, is what you get.

I like American, Italian, Irish, Native, Mexican women, and a few other flavors. Visual and intellectual chemistry is extremely important. How your sexuality desires and likes will blend with mine is extremely important.

-Inside, I desire that you dress comfortable, dresses, satin or lace, or nothing at all.
-Outside of closed doors, I still prefer a girly girl.

Otherwise, I'm just an average Joe with average likes and tastes. I only have an average size package (if you know what I mean). That's what I was given, but what I don't have physically I know how to make up for in MANY other ways.

I seek a relationship where there is a lot of intimacy (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) and play (mental, sensual, physical). I don't want to coerce it out of hiding all the time. I don't know how I can prove to you that my desires are sincere, without you giving me a chance to do so.

To be with me, I MUST BE ALLOWED to have full access to you and your body. I have a deep desire to touch you, your skin, anywhere, anytime (DO NOT confuse this with a one-night stand).

I need to feel you, touch you, kiss you all over (and I mean all over except feet and one other spot), hold you (and even sometimes the little girl hiding inside) next to me, not just in lust, but in love, passion and compassion. I want to love and lust you. I'm committed to give you all the pleasure you can handle.

I stand 5 feet 6 inches tall. I weigh about 250. I don't smoke, or do any illegal substances. I drink very little. Can't stand the smell of beer. I have no STD's. I have no piercings nor tattoos. I have a career, place to live alone, and transportation to get me around. Not so straight laced kind of guy, but practice monogamy. Not gay. Not bi. WOMEN ONLY!!!

I like American, Italian, Mexican food. I'm a bit of a teenager in a 50 year old body. My brain has an ego of a teenager, yet my body has to tell it to "slow down Tex".

My ideal woman would need to live in or near to Tucson, within 50 miles or so. She must be single and practice monogamy.

She must be non-smoker, drug and STD free. Prefer no kids or none that live with you full time, yet possibly open to having a child if still able and willing to have that discussion. She should be left of center, have a job, and time to be with me.

I don't like large tattoos, certain piercings, nor 420 or other drug users. If she weighs more than 220 I'm not interested. However my ideal range is under 160-200 pounds.

I would like for her to modify her lifestyle to get used to going sans bra and going commando (especially when at home) for her health. Also from time to time when we go out for my benefit (I'll make sure you're never embarrassed by it!). I want her to know that I care about her overall health. G-strings have been known to cause infections and bras are bad for female bust health (mostly from being the wrong size, too tight, or too often).

She will need to be open to clothing play behind closed doors, wearing different types and styles. I would like for her to be my private model for my hobbies and intimate desires.

She will have excellent hygiene regimens, and wear little or no makeup (it tastes horrible when making out, and I will see you every morning without it). She will have her regular GYN appointments and mammograms. I'll even go with her for both, if she would like me there.

I do not have any issues with your cellulite, scars, stretch marks, or any other flaws. For if we are together the rest are beautiful things to explore. I will love you with or without them! I find the veins that stand out in women's chest area extremely sexy. Yeah, that might be weird, but they're fun to trace with finger and tongue.

I do not believe in...nor will do anything physically or verbally violent. I don't believe in pain nor physical or verbal torture (I might spank if you request me to). I will listen to her comments and opinions. I might be open to some bondage experimentation.

Yet her chemistry for me and this life I want for us will either make us, or break us.
Profession: IT Support

Physical Appearance

5' 6"
Body type
A few extra pounds
White / Caucasian


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Christian - Other
Want Children?

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