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SerineSiren "Hi..."
59 year old man from La Tijera, California      Looking for woman for friendship Last seen within the last four days

About SerineSiren

I am a single male who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles. I have never been married, nor do I have any kids. I believe that I'm a hard worker, and would describe my personality as polite, respectful of myself and others, quite mild-tempered, one who avoids confrontation at all cost, but not entirely against a good debate. I do think that I have a rather furtive sense of humor as well. However, rather than me bloviating about myself, I'd prefer others to acknowledge these qualities or characteristics, so if you wish to know what I am truly all about, please don't hesitate to inquire.

I hope you have a Mae West like attitude towards men, as she only liked two kinds of men, domestic and imported. I believe this should considerably improve my chances with you, even if you think I am from Mars. Mae West also only liked two other kinds of men, those with muscles and those without.

I once thought I had a 12-pack, but that was of course until someone reminded me that ribs are not to be confused with abs.

Deciphering the imposters from those who are genuine has become an art, one I seem to have mastered since joining
this site. If you're a lousy scammer or fraud, you will be found in about 10 seconds. If you're a skillful or good scammer, (there is something oxymoronic about that statement) give me 5 minutes, and you will be exposed.

We may not be compatible, but perhaps we're combatable.

Physical Appearance

6' 1"
Body type
Black / African descent


Marital Status
Never married
Have Children?
Want Children?

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