JustSayHi has changed names to Mingle2

JustSayHi is now Mingle<sup>2</sup>

Why the name change?

Some of you might remember we joined forces with another dating website called Mingle2 several months ago. Mingle2's web designer has been eager to give JustSayHi a new look, and with that new look we decided to change the name back to Mingle2. JustSayHi has experienced tremendous growth over the past year and our website has gone from being a small dating website to a massive online community, and as we continue to grow in 2008 we want our image to reflect this growth. In other words: JustSayHi has grown up and we want our image to reflect that change.

When will JustSayHi close down?

We will keep JustSayHi running until Sept. 1st so that you can make the transition at your leisure. After Sept 1st., all JustSayHi users will need to make the switch to Mingle2, but in the meantime, you can use both sites so that you can get used to the new design and interface.

What about all my friends on JustSayHi? Will I still be able to contact them?

Yes! All JustSayHi accounts, including all mail messages, forum posts, etc. have been moved to Mingle2. If you were messaging with someone on JustSayHi, you can still reach them at Mingle2.com. Just login and send them a message like you normally would.

How do I login to the new site?

All of your accounts are already available and working at Mingle2. Your username and password, along with all your friends and messages remain exactly as they were. To login at Mingle2, just use the same username and password that you have on JustSayHi.

What new features are available on Mingle?

Mingle2 has a bunch of new features compared to JustSayHi. Specifically:

  • 👉 Recent activity window: See at a glance what activity has occurred for your account including who's viewed you, added you as a favorite, etc.
  • 👉 Stealth mode: Turn on stealth mode, and other users will not know when you are online, or when you have viewed their profile.
  • 👉 New emoticons: Choose from a variety of new emoticons in your messages and forum posts to better express yourself.
  • ...plus a bunch of other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message or post in the Forum

-Mike and Vanchau