1. If you are In SOMALIA or other POOR countries,

    LOOK FAT N RICH, dont be Just LOOK
    When you are with Zombies, either GET GOOD FOOD, or ACT GOOD FOOD :)

  2. walk to woman’s door when picking her up on a date and down on your knees
    and with a dozen of roses behide your back and knock on her door only then
    when she answers the door hand the roses to her and smile,taken walk her
    out the car or truck open the door for her.

  3. It’s great, made me smile here….Ha HA HA
    Bebo so sorry for your account, but your words also awesome.Ha HA hA

    I really enjoyed, and and and…
    the best to impress and to find love is that:

    tell her truth, what are you and what you’ll be for her…today or tomorrow you’ll be happy forever…

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