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Topic: If atheist, you literally believe something come from nothin
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Sun 10/20/19 07:58 PM
Edited by Ron B on Sun 10/20/19 08:00 PM
Jason said

"However atheists are often just as pseudoscientific in their arguments, categorically stating there is no god(s) defies a falsifiable hypothesis in the first place, so is not scientific."

Many of us differentiate by case level between atheist ("I don't believe") and Atheist("There is no God"), because we recognize the unprovable character of such a claim,

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Mon 10/21/19 08:19 PM
That's the question often dodged by theists. If God created the universe, who created God? It's a simple question.

I don't ask to be condescending. Some folks I love the most are believers. I'm of the opinion with 100% knowledge we can predict all outcomes 100%. So not much free will, if any.

The universe and everything in it operates like a machine. So maybe it was created. I don't know. Brownian particles move about and behave randomly because we don't understand the rules they operate by yet.

But I'm not claiming to be an expert on anything. Those are just my thoughts. I'm just a dumb truck driver.

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Fri 01/07/22 02:07 PM
Study your biology.
Understand how the earth and human beings evolved before making an air-headed statement like that. grumble slaphead

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Tue 01/11/22 08:37 PM
There is no rules and no train of thought i need to adhere to.. im an Atheist, and i don't have to explain why to anyone.

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Thu 01/27/22 08:14 PM
heyyyyy now i prefer "Warloch" with the h... yeah... that's cooler.

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Fri 01/28/22 11:34 PM

Agnostic,witches , or just spiritual with the universe. These are much more accurate terms. To be atheist you have to deeply control your thoughts but you believe in so much littleness its almost silly because in the end you believe Something cane from nothing and the Something continues soon, rethink it intimately you believe something do some research on it , people trip out sometimes when my beliefs hit the air but I love it because I have facts and strong opinions backed up o in the end prop will listen to me and I can open up minds. Not change someone's beliefs but get there minds open to new ways of thinking that aren't really that crazy

SAY wHAT!? …huh? Punctuation is your friend, you might want to look into that. Your post is insane & I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

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