We aim to foster a dating ecosystem where users can interact and express themselves freely without causing discomfort to others. To maintain this harmonious environment, we urge you to respect and follow our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service, both in the digital and physical world. Breaching these guidelines, even offline, may result in your account being terminated.

Outlined below is our Code of Conduct. Adherence to these rules is non-negotiable. Non-compliance may result in your account being barred with no chance of reinstatement. Further, no refunds will be issued for any purchases made prior to the ban. We value your participation in creating a healthy community and therefore invite you to report any actions that contravene our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

The following behaviors, activities, and content are strictly forbidden:

  • Impersonation: Authenticity is key. Impersonating or falsely claiming association with any individual, group, organization, or entity is unacceptable. This also extends to parody accounts.
  • Scamming: We have zero tolerance for predatory conduct. Any attempt to obtain other users' personal/private information, solicit money, or deceive others for financial gain will result in an immediate ban. Legal action may also be pursued.
  • Prostitution and Trafficking: Promotion or sale of sexual services, human trafficking, or other non-consensual sexual acts will result in an immediate ban.
  • Nudity/Sexual Content: Explicit sexual content in any form, whether it's in your profile bio, photos/videos, or chat messages, is strictly prohibited.
  • Spam: Repeatedly sending identical messages, posting repetitive content, or driving users to external platforms or offline events is forbidden.
  • Promotion or Solicitation: While sharing and inviting users to join in your hobbies or legal activities is encouraged, using our platform for advertising purposes will lead to a ban.
  • Harassment: We will not tolerate any form of harassment. This includes sending inappropriate content to other users. Reports of stalking, threats, hate speech, bullying, or intimidation will be taken very seriously and could lead to an immediate ban.
  • Violence and Physical Harm: Promoting violence, including physical harm, terrorism, assault, and coercion is prohibited. Advocating for self-harm or suicide is equally forbidden. We may take legal action in cooperation with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our community.
  • Hate Speech: Any content that encourages racism, hatred, discrimination, bigotry, or violence against individuals or groups based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, appearance, age, nationality, or sexual orientation is strictly forbidden.
  • Private Information: Sharing personal/private information, be it yours or someone else's, is not allowed. This includes financial information, identification documents, and contact details.
  • Minors: Our service is restricted to users aged 18 or above. Content featuring unaccompanied minors is strictly prohibited.
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringement: Posting content that you do not own or have permission to use is not allowed.
  • Illegal Usage: Our service should not be used for any illegal activities. If it's illegal offline or online, it's illegal on our platform.

For any violation of these rules, we may cooperate with legal authorities to ensure the safety and welfare of our community members.

We urge you to report any suspicious activities or content using the Report feature in our app. Let's work together to create a safe and enjoyable dating experience for everyone.