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The idea is to get married. Because I love you and I want you to be my forever. Umm yeah. Thought about this for a while's just time. You know you want to. I already have our kid's names picked out. That's right I said kids, I am the real deal. I can just imagine your bathroom chit mixed in with my feminine toiletries. It's inevitable. First things first are guidelines and rules in order to make this courtship prosperous. You are going to have a cell phone on you at all times so I know where you are, who you are talking to, why, for how long and if it affects me negatively in any way. You are not allowed to have personal space, ever. You are to return at my beck and call whenever I see fit. Even if you are at work, because, you know, who cares? You're bringing that hard-earned pay to me. You will not drink beer, sit on your azz, scratch it, pick your nose or watch sports at all when I am present. Our personal lives will revolve around our facebooks. We will post every single picture we take for public validation and skype with everyone to let them know we're in love. The world won't know if we won't tell them right? I am merely helping a man be a man, allowing him the complete freedom(s) to be whoever he wants to be unless it doesn't fit the above guidelines. Standards. We are to have a shared bank account. I own %90 you own 2% and my family owns the other 8%. Rules are rules. You will respond to every one of my text messages because, hey, I say a lot of interesting stuff that matters to every person I talk to. Keep in mind that talking to you is not a choice, I do it because I love you and you are mine. Even if you wash down there I won't. But you will go on me whenever I request it. No toys. If you can't please me with all that nature gave you, you shouldn't be a man. And you shouldn't be with me if you aren't a man. You are not to have male friends unless I know who they are and what their corrupting agenda is. Being aware of the man code and secrecy I cannot risk it. Again, all the above is done out of love. If you don't see this then you shouldn't be in love with the greatest woman alive. Good day but don't enjoy it too much, I may think you're cheating on me. x_____________________________________________ date___________
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