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This is a quote from an insightful person who made me realize that this is the way life is. It was originally from a post in Raptitude.com. It states: "Most people will enter and exit your life without your noticing much. Some of them will make a big splash. Some visitors will be decidedly special. You'll have this endless parade of visitors, though, which is nice....Characters you couldn't have imagined will appear, stay for a minute or maybe a few months or maybe many years, and then leave you to your trip....This means that life is essentially a solo trip . My goal is to make meaningful associations and friendships that will make my journey a pleasurable and fulfilling experience." Below is a sample poem which I wrote: I AM BUT WOMAN By Missy I'��ll walk alone if life requires Through all the mist and all the fires Through pain and joy and who knows what Through good and bad be sure of that. I am but woman, weak and frail I'��m too inept to rig a sail I cry and laugh and make believe That all is well, although I grieve. I help my friends both big and small I help those short and also tall It makes no difference who they are They may live close, they may live far. Some friends are rich but some are poor On me they count and know for sure That I'��ll be there in time of need I always live by my life'��s creed Yet there are those who care not what They say or do and value not The one I am inside of me They are so blind they cannot see That love lives here within my soul So warm, so deep so some have told They cannot see the hurt inside The pain, the love sit side by side. Through all life'��s paths, I'��ve walked it'��s true Through rain, through snow, through sunshine too. Some ways so hard were traveled through Some joys so grand I also knew. I'��ve born it all, for life'��s own sake For getting through the path I make I struggled here, I struggled there And where I'��d land, I knew not where One step was here and one step was there It was mine to walk and mine to bear. I walked in faith, not knowing when The path at last would finally end. So here I stand before a door I wonder too, what'��s now in store For one who did the best they could Who stood up strong like she knew she should. When all I wanted was to just give up I walked and drank a bitter cup Of hardships pain and yes, joy too I ask you now, what would you do? I am but woman weak and frail I birth the nations and then set sail In mind and body, spirit too I offer counsel to the best of you. Weakness speaks but not to me. I am strong and great so let it be That I'��m the one who was chosen to Support the ones who could not do. I raised the kids, alone you see There was no one who assisted me. I held their hands, when they were ill I comforted then, I comfort still. I was their strength, their tower too A job which all should often do But no one stood beside my side I searched so far and oh so wide. At last, it was alone I stood To handle all the best I could But all is well now you must know. I am� faithful as I always show. I'��ve handled all life sent my way I did it night, I did it day I live my life well satisfied To know, at least, I always tried. Dedicated to all who have had to walk alone at some point in their lives. Missy
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