The 8 Phases of Dating

Here at Mingle2, we’re always trying to find creative ways to encourage people to date.  With that in mind, we are proud to present the 8 phases of dating:

The 8 Phases of Dating


  1. Mingle2 is sort of like a blind date but better. No one knows you or sets you up with people they know. They don’t know your past or anything about you except what you write. You can feel free to approach anyone and take it at your own speed. Be daring and nudge someone today. It might be just what you need to get started on the best ride of your life.

  2. Explaining his new relationship to his grandpa. “Grandpa she’s the ONE I tell you she’s the ONE!! We went out to dinner and reached for the salt at the same time, our fingers brushed a little while we were looking into each others eyes, and Grandpa there were SPARKS”! “Sparks flew from both our fingers!! NO JOKE there were sparks”!!
    “Well son” he replied “it’s highly unlikely but one day you may be married to this woman and a couple of years down the road you might go out to eat and you both may reach for the salt at the same time”. “Your fingers brush up against one another and your gonna look her right in the eye and say “GIVE ME THE GODDAMN SALT”!!

    Things don’t stay new and exciting for very long Son..

  3. Must there ALWAYS be vulgarity/profanity in everything? Do you think as mature adult, that profanity is the way to go to sell the product?
    WOW!! It turns me off. It shows me that there is no respect at any age for any one at anytime. It may work for the rest but your work is vulgar, lewd, demeaning, disrespectful and it insults my intelligence and my human values.
    Thank you for this, it make it easier to cancel this site.

  4. this is so funny……how about the 8 phases of online dating

    1. first meet honey pie in newbie forum of another on line free dating site
    2.…lies…..flirting….from im and email
    3. more im /email / personal email x2 weeks…love you…lets be friends….i will come to see you…blah blah blah
    4. no hear/no show after 2 weeks of love…
    5. ex dude now on forums and ignoring my emails ( the guy just disappeared on thin air)
    6. poor me…crying…broken hearted….eye bags…sleepless nights x5 days now
    7. here at mingle…fully recovered and hoping to meet new friends…

  5. i haven’t had very much luck on here at all. this makes my third attemped at it. i have had men in the past say they want to date me and we never got to that first date. i am looking to start as friends and if it works move to the next level but the men that have answered me in the past are players and liars. i have been on many sites and it’s all the same. guys not all woman are after one night stands and i’m not! some of us want a serious relationship not sex games.

  6. Too cute…

    I for one am comfortable in my own life. Independent and happy. For me at least no room mate works. For now. Companionship, friendship and trust… we’ll see what comes after that.


  7. This forum is very entertaining and interesting. Learned a lot about how Mingles2 works. LOL, We must each live our lives as we see fit and others too will live their lives. In the past I have fallen hard for a few guys and each in turn has not wanted to be commited, well I want to be in a committed relationship. So naturally my heart was broken. Silly pisces lady that I am ever the romantic, I am here to meet and mingle, I hope we can all have fun together. Hugs N Kisses, to all. Can’t wait to start meeting all of you. Janba

  8. Haven’t been on this site long but you keep trying to Match me up with people that haven’t been on this site for ONE MONTH…what’s up with that? I’m sure they are “seeing someone”…give me NEW matches NOT old ones.

  9. that is just super amusing!!lol and that is pretty much all that’s happen to some real life couples. which hopefully will somehow turn out great in time. haha -just be wise enough to make decisions, weigh your mind and heart. its all about balancing after all. -you might also wanna check some great tips at

  10. Hey peeps! dont fall for that crap from ozojane1. It’s all scam. And as for yuh, ozojane1, get da hell out of here cuz no1 is gonna fall for that, yuh bastard.

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