How do You Ask Out that Hot Waiter/Waitress or Bartender?


It happens to everyone at some point: the person who is serving you your drink or meal is so smoking hot that you’re tempted to leave a $100 tip in hopes that you can get a number. When you are infatuated with someone in a serving profession such as a waiter/waitress or bartender, how can you get a date? Is that even possible? Here are a few things to consider as you plot your next move.

They’re Paid to be Nice

Servers in the U.S. get paid less than other workers because they are expected to earn the tips that make up the difference. Working in a high-end bar or restaurant can yield some pretty hefty tips, too, so being nice to customers and even some flirting is called for in order to increase the amount of tips from satisfied customers. If you’re not sure whether your server is really interested in you or is just being nice because of her job, watch how she interacts with other customers. If she’s equally nice and/or flirtatious with others, you might have to grab her attention in some other way.

They Get Hit on All the Time

If the bartender is drop-dead dreamy, he knows it. He gets hit on all the time by both men and women in varying stages of inebriation, so it’s not likely that your own attempts to be suave and alluring will create much of a stir in his heart. Same goes with good-looking or charismatic female servers and bartenders, except that a woman might be even more jaded to clumsy attempts on the part of customers to get her number or ask her for a date.

So, What are Your Options?

There are two crucial things to plan for when you decide to make your move: timing and allowing him/her to accept an invitation that does not appear to be threatening. Timing. The when of asking out your future significant other is critical. If the only place you see her is during her shift, it’s often best to drop by right before her shift ends rather than at the beginning or middle of her shift. The Non-Threatening Invitation. Precisely because he gets hit on so often, extend an invitation to an event that is not a date. Try handing him a flyer to a band performance (you don’t have to be in the band), tell him about a big party going on, or (if you’re lucky enough to know his hobbies or passions) clue him in on an upcoming event in which he has an interest (and at which you can also appear without looking out of place). A non-threatening invitation means that your server has an out if she isn’t interested but doesn’t also feel as if she has to reject your direct request for a one-on-one date (and no clear rejection means you can still go to her bar or restaurant without feeling totally awkward in the future). If she shows up to the event, you can “accidentally” bump into her and strike up a conversation now that you’re outside the context of her work. Now you can turn on the charm factor. Even if you’ve got a crush on your server, keep your options open to other people. Desperation shows, so don’t give up on meeting other singles and constantly expanding your dating horizons. Try Mingle2’s popular and 100% free online dating website today. Visit our Homepage to set up a profile and start meeting exciting singles in your area right now.

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