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Sat 06/04/22 05:23 AM

Ah ha! It's the app i bet! I don't use it for the main reason is that it doesn't go to the last page and I have to scroll through the whole thread to get to the last page to read what the last post says! I hate the app!
so try this for an experiment would you humor me please? Pull up Chrome if you have Chrome on your phone or hopefully you have some kind of browser but Chrome is one I like and then just put in
Pull it up and try to log in that way... just go off of the browser don't go into the app and hopefully you know your password and your username so you can do it and then come to this thread and see I bet you you'll be able to see everything like normal because that app has some weirdness. I hope you do it and let me know if it works for you?GL!:heart:

Ot: happy friday new personwaving

Yes it a pain since they change the app and it stopped letting you click on the last page to a thread , so annoying .
Yes I done it on my phone through the browser and I can indeed see the blank comments now , the only thing is it with this way is that it displays so small that I have to keep scrolling in all about on it and sliding up and sliding down laugh laugh
This is in the full site version on the mobile version I don’t have to scroll about but don’t know if they come up in there or not as I can’t check as Since I accessed this version on here a while ago I now can’t get back to the mobile version . But yeh I can use the site emojis here now too .
So I might try use it this way now then . Thank you so much my lovely , now the reason why I was constantly seeing so many empty comments is cleared up , you are a star !! :star2:bigsmile bigsmile love

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Fri 06/03/22 01:02 PM

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Fri 06/03/22 10:54 AM
Good afternoon/evening Pumpi ,
Sorry I can’t quite your list now as that one is locked .
Yeh it’s not just this thread but many threads just blank posts , which I presume is people just putting emojis that I don’t see .
Not sure why I don’t always see them , like the posts underneath yours to me are just blank .
And a lot if the time if I put an emoji it will come out blank , I can see the ones you posted , and the ones I posted are actually viewable to me . Since an update a while ago everything in the app changed for me ( for the worse ) and I’m no longer able to access the emojis the site gives you so have to use my phone ones .
It’s weird how some I see and most I don’t .
Thanks for answering me xxxxxx

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Fri 06/03/22 03:33 AM
Are you being serious ??????
Agree Exactly with what Crystal said

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Thu 06/02/22 08:34 PM

chop shop

Chop up

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Thu 06/02/22 08:34 PM
Drop down

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Thu 06/02/22 07:28 PM

I don't know that anyone will remember me for anything all that spectacular, but they might remember me for some small things.

When my daughter arrived here last week she brought with her a graduation announcement that was sent to me by a former student from when I taught Kindergarten. This student is transgendered F to M. When I had him he was a five-year-old little girl. Now he's all grown up, 18, handsome, with facial hair. I can't believe so much time has passed. But he and his mom thanked me for allowing him to be "him" back then. She was a quirky little girl, always wanted to play with the "boy" toys and be the male when they were playing house or whatever. When we made paper bag puppets or art projects where there was a girl version or a boy version, she always wanted to make the boy version. And I'd let her, I didn't make a big deal out of it, never said anything, I just let her be herself. But in the note with that graduation announcement they thanked me for that and for loving her just the way she was. They appreciated it and never forgot it. So at least someone remembers me in some small way as a positive influence on their life. And that's pretty cool.

That’s fantastic bonnie , so great you let him be who he was . My middle
child is transgender , 19 in a couple of months .
Someone like you at his school would have been great for my kid .you are amazing Bonnie :heart_exclamation::heart_exclamation::heart_exclamation::heart_exclamation::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Thu 06/02/22 07:24 PM
Correct :heart::heart_exclamation::rose::cherry_blossom::heartbeat:

Perhaps devo??

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Thu 06/02/22 07:23 PM

Mark and I just finished booking a cruise to Bermuda for next month. Now I feel pressured to lose weight so I don't feel so self-conscious in a swim suit!

Sounds lovely bonnie , that will be nice :heart_exclamation::heart_exclamation::heart::heart:
You are beautiful as you are :heart_exclamation::rose::kissing_heart::cherry_blossom::heartbeat::heart::smile:

I’m just sat at my my bed chilling , Ali it’s 3:30 am here .
Went for a lovely walk along the seafront .

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Thu 06/02/22 04:17 PM

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Thu 06/02/22 04:16 PM
Time out

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Thu 06/02/22 03:27 PM
Hope you had a great birthday 🥳!

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Thu 06/02/22 03:12 PM
Why are there many blank comments? Is it where people are putting emojis and they just don’t show up . ??
Most times when I put they don’t show up . I don’t know if these ones will or not show up

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Thu 06/02/22 03:09 PM
You are really doing my head in!!

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Thu 06/02/22 03:08 PM

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Thu 06/02/22 02:58 PM

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Thu 06/02/22 02:18 PM
Trip switch

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Thu 06/02/22 01:56 PM
Yes , many times !!

Have you ever done something you regret , that only you know about ?

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Thu 06/02/22 11:46 AM

Have you ever been shopping and had bags with you , and ended up accidentally leaving them there ?

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Thu 06/02/22 11:44 AM
Thinking about my kids, and how much I’m missing them. :cry::frowning2: