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Topic: What's for dinner tonight? - part 3
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Wed 09/16/20 08:32 AM
This or that but maybe I will have a change and have something else.

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Wed 09/16/20 10:00 AM
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There's a squirrel in my yard that's been bugging the crap outta me..

He may end up in the stew pot.

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Wed 09/16/20 10:10 AM
better get a smaller stew pot if you don't get a few of his friends toolaugh

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Wed 09/16/20 10:31 AM
That little basinard doesn't have any friends except vegetables and soup stock.

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Wed 09/16/20 01:06 PM
Spaghetti with garlic bread

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Wed 09/16/20 05:01 PM
Herb Roasted Chicken & Red potato salad :kissing_heart:

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Thu 09/17/20 12:09 AM
chicken sandwich, avacado.

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Thu 09/17/20 12:16 AM
Spinach wraps with warm herb chicken salad and organic mayonnaise .., delicious :yum:

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Thu 09/17/20 02:37 AM
chicken & orzo soup
and some toasted sandwich as always :)

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Thu 09/17/20 06:30 AM
Not sure at the moment. First I need to make my breakfast.

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Thu 09/17/20 04:06 PM

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Fri 09/18/20 08:48 AM
Oven baked baguette with herb butter in it, a salad I made and... mussels!!
I wanted to eat that one more time before the season is over and today I really felt like it :D

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Fri 09/18/20 09:09 AM
Its a tossup between:
Popeye's Chicken: two thighs and a side of cole slaw and a side of mashed taters
Burger King: jr whopper with cheese & a small french fry
Wendy's: son of baconator & a cheesy baked potato
McDonald's: Big mac & small french fry
Arby's: double roast beef & mozzerella sticks
Sonic: sonic cheeseburger & onion rings, ocean water (no sharks please)
Taco Bell: chicken meximelt, 2 steak soft tacos & 2 tacos


I could....could pick up a big fat rib eye at the store. Bring it home and fire up the grill. Cook up some steak fries and heat a can of white sweet corn. I have some sweet onion and a bag of mushrooms in the fridge to saute in some wine reduction. I quit drinking (again) so a nice chocolate milk shake to drink.


Nothingat all.(sometimes I have that).

I would have cracker crumbs & steam but I'm out of the good dry steam (all I have is wet steam and it makes my cracker crumbs soggy).

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Fri 09/18/20 11:46 AM

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Fri 09/18/20 12:15 PM
Huge Pork chop and Salad :yum:

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Fri 09/18/20 11:35 PM
shanghainese style wonton in soup, with cabbage: a comofort food when feeling exhauted, feeling recharged now for extended work on weekend smile2

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Sat 09/19/20 10:05 AM
That's the good thing about going to my favorite restaurant. I can get breakfast at any time of the day. I think I will have a dozen scrambled eggs.

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Sat 09/19/20 01:00 PM
Clam strips and seasoned french fries

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Sat 09/19/20 04:45 PM
Grilled sockeye salmon and garlic mashed potatoes.

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Sun 09/20/20 12:25 AM
veggies; steamed fish; quinoa porridge smile2 smile2

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