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Tue 01/31/23 02:08 AM

Finally home.
Is it okay if I work on being groovy
sometime later?

That is totally fine!
Relax and enjoy being home.

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Tue 01/31/23 02:06 AM
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9C got the sun on my right arm & leg, nice! Quite a lot of clouds though, some blue patches, showers/drizzle expected.

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Mon 01/30/23 04:22 PM
Getting ready to go to bed. First put some oil in both my ears as I keep forgetting. Switched off the movie I was watching as I'm too tired.
Sleepy time!

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Mon 01/30/23 07:12 AM
Peculiar that it's now suggested we should want refugees?

In all honesty most of the refugees that are trying to get into our Western countries only do so because they can have a better life there, NOT because they're in any danger where they are.

We also take on loads of refugees and 9 out of 10 times these are young men -think 19-20 yrs- and are so called 'fortune seekers'.
They do not have to flee from their country, they add nothing to ours, instead they just take.

As it is we have the highest population density in the EU and score high in that sense on a global level as well. Yet, the EU forces every member country -including us- to take on more, more, more.

Why is it selfish to not want that?
At some point a country is saturated and has no more reserves. Hell, we don't even have the space, literally!
We have over 17 million people on the size op a stamp.
This whole refugee thing has been going on from the 60. At the time it were people from former colonies, so in that sense they had more right, even though maybe not true legit reason.

Another thing... even for the legit ones wanting in our countries... there are still millions, possibly billions, in those countries of war & turmoil.
We cannot take them all on. It is simply impossible.
The rule of first aid applies: first take care of yourself before you (can) take care of another. If your own safety is endangered you do not help.
Or the aircraft rule: first put on your own oxygen mask before you help your children/others.
You cannot help anymore when you have crossed the line of giving & helping. We've crossed that decades ago.

What needs to happen is that those people do something in their own country to change the tide so it becomes safe there. Not go to Western countries because it's easy, taking advantage of our systems. They get houses, income, clothes, free healthcare, posh prams, they all have expensive mobiles, and so on.

It has become out of proportion.
And when something is not to their liking they scream bloody murder and get something better. We -the inhabitants of our countries- don't have those rights.

One last thing... why don't they FO back home when they can? Easy: you don't leave a warm nest where everything is given to you for free!
Even the ones that don't get status simply stay.

As for Germans wanting refugees and being welcoming... I think you confuse what the government wants (EU fans) and what the people want. Germany too is crammed! Couple years ago Germans got evicted from their own homes to make space for refugees!

Think that's impossible? There's talk of doing that here as well! To make space for the Ukrainians.

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Mon 01/30/23 02:19 AM
Waking up while sipping my coffee.

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Mon 01/30/23 02:18 AM
8C mostly sunny :) Strong wind

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Sun 01/29/23 03:20 PM
Thinking... glad I did that meditation even though it's late!

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Sun 01/29/23 07:18 AM
Right now it means listening and watching Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live gig :D
If something can get me feeling good, dancing & singing, it's that gig!

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Sun 01/29/23 06:15 AM
Thanks, Julie!

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Sun 01/29/23 06:13 AM
More test painting on a small canvas. This time I failed abysmally. But at least I now have a nice background in all colours blue, hihi. Not going to let good paint go to waste, at some point I'll paint something nice on it :)

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Sun 01/29/23 02:16 AM
6C cloudy, rain expected in the afternoon & evening.
Wind will pick up then too.

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Fri 01/27/23 02:23 PM

I was born at 330. Which rune would I choose?

Oooh... I don't know :/
Maybe read about the Rune and see which one is mostly you? Or maybe in such cases both will be applicable?

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Fri 01/27/23 11:57 AM

Thinking it's a scary time to be living in the Memphis area right now, I hope it's not as bad as they're expecting it to be. Needless to say I'm heading to the grocery store and don't plan on leaving the house this weekend.


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Fri 01/27/23 05:25 AM
A bunch of the woollen fairies I've made a number of years ago.
Each was commissioned as I made these intuitively and as such they came with a reading. I never knew upfront what would come up. Hair colour & style, clothes, crystal etc. etc. were all intuitively chosen.
While I made a fairy the reading came through. When done, the fairy & reading were sent to the person that had ordered it.

I think I've done some 50 total. Once made 9 total for a larger family, hubby & wife, all the kids, her sister etc. One of the boys had to be a Merlin! That was a new one on me!

I've also made a few for babies which was very special to do!

A fiery Fairy:

Fairy with Venus & feminine energy: copper colour, moonstone, copper wire to hold the crystal etc.

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Fri 01/27/23 05:12 AM
Thinking... won't be any painting today as the cleaning lady came an hour later. In one way that suited me better, in another way it means I cannot paint anymore this afternoon as by the time she's gone the proper light will have gone too.

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Fri 01/27/23 02:12 AM
Cleaning lady coming over.

Maybe a bit of painting, if there's still time & enough light.

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Fri 01/27/23 02:10 AM
Waking up with my first coffee of the day whilst the sun is warming my legs :smile:

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Fri 01/27/23 02:09 AM
5C sunny, blue sky with some clouds. According to MET office it should be overcast so I guess we're lucky!

Night frost, -4C so another cold night ahead.

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Thu 01/26/23 02:39 AM
6C Finally seeing a little bit of sun again! There are clouds though but it's bright.

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Wed 01/25/23 09:57 AM
I watched The Meg the other day with Jason Statham.
I always thought I'd seen it, turns out I hadn't. I was confused with another shark movie.

There's going to be The Meg 2 later on this year, again with Jason Statham.
Can't wait!

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