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Sun 05/26/24 11:12 PM
Edited by motowndowntown on Sun 05/26/24 11:13 PM
Aaarrrrggg, shiver me timbers, a buccaneer for corn, that's a treasure mateys!!!!!!




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Sat 05/25/24 10:27 AM

Well what part of our bodies do you think they talk about????
Moto .. is that a bulky wallet in your pocket tongue2

All I can say on here is, no it's not a wallet, and it's not a roll of half dollars either.

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Fri 05/24/24 07:02 PM
We were dancing the foxtrot to a song by America when she told me chocolate was her favorite food.




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Fri 05/24/24 06:57 PM
Well what part of our bodies do you think they talk about????

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Thu 05/23/24 05:37 PM
Look up

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Thu 05/23/24 09:49 AM
One word; communication.

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Wed 05/22/24 12:46 PM

And given enough beer, very very.

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Wed 05/22/24 12:44 PM
Must be a regional thing. Here a "taco" is a tortilla, soft flour or corn, or hard fried corn, folded in half and filled with stuff.

A burrito is a soft flour tortilla filled with stuff rolled and folded at the ends.

A chimichanga is a deep fried burrito.

A quesadilla is a cheese filled, with other stuff, tortilla panini fried.

And tacquitos??? they're little tacos usually rolled up with open ends.

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Tue 05/21/24 10:43 PM

aren't they made out of tortillas????

Yes, but they are made of cornmeal and are small

here they are also made with flour tortillas, and some are quite large

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Tue 05/21/24 05:50 PM

In North Dakota they are.

Moto, ask yourself this, you ask the woman you're dating to bring you a beer and a sandwich, and she brought you a taco and a beer... Would you be satisfied?

If it was a really good taco, yes.

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Tue 05/21/24 05:47 PM

a sandwich????
I thought you were a sandwich expert !!!!!

Just read an article, basically a sandwich shop owner in a mall had a clause that no other "sandwich" shops could open in the same mall. A guy wanted to open a "taco" shop. Judge ruled a "taco" wasn't a sandwich.

In another state the judge ruled that tacos were indeed a version of a "sandwich".

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Tue 05/21/24 12:41 PM

They are more similar to tortillas, but they are not tortillas either.

aren't they made out of tortillas????

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Tue 05/21/24 10:12 AM
a sandwich????

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Mon 05/20/24 08:18 PM
ell, I don't even care what my family thinks about me.

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Mon 05/20/24 11:27 AM
who knew they have palm trees in Massachusetts?????

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Sun 05/19/24 11:24 AM

I never understood why this is a topic.

It's all in the title

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Sat 05/18/24 04:15 PM
Many hugs to you my friend.

Glad you are okay.


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Thu 05/16/24 10:56 AM
Seems like "it" has changed "its" mind.

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Wed 05/15/24 10:02 PM
Life is what you make it. Is not a cow life, a chicken, a plant, the earth we live on, the sky, the air we breath?

Native Americans thought everything was alive in some way and should be respected. White men think everything is dead and should be used.

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Tue 05/14/24 09:53 PM
You might if you used your real photo and filled out your profile.

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