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Sat 12/03/22 08:25 AM

Fox tell the truth laugh Lady if you want the truth go to Newsmax...

My friend says Newsmax is Best!

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Fri 12/02/22 12:09 PM
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N.Pelosi is still in Congress putting her 2 cents in.
She needs to go retire on her millions she's got for doing nothing productive for USA.

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Fri 12/02/22 11:56 AM
Different reasons couples get divorced!

Two major reasons are infidelity and or Finances.

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Fri 12/02/22 11:10 AM

The difference is the money and donations you mentioned wasn’t stolen from unsuspecting investors. You totally missed the point I was making. .. or were you doing the democrats version of defending their acts by twisting and re-directing the facts?…


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Fri 12/02/22 11:00 AM
Porn doesn't belong in any hospital!

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Sun 09/04/22 09:01 AM
Maybe she's not online!

Try other venues!

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Sun 09/04/22 08:57 AM
Love is not sex !

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Sun 09/04/22 08:56 AM
Sounds off

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Tue 08/30/22 12:15 PM
Some people will believe anything!

Seek Truth!

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Mon 08/29/22 06:10 AM
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Learn how to take some rejection in dating!

It's a Part of Life.


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Mon 08/29/22 06:07 AM
Nice! Very creative!

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Sat 08/27/22 10:44 AM
Biden approved giving relief for student loan debt!
He tries to help people he says!

Key word tries!

He's done nothing to help Economy.

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Sat 08/27/22 10:34 AM
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Gorgeous day

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Sat 08/27/22 10:30 AM
Another witch hunt by DNC leadership!
FBI can be bought too.

They should be looking at Hillary's deceptions and Hunter Biden.

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Fri 08/26/22 08:42 PM
All discarded lovers should be given a second chance but with someone else.

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Fri 08/26/22 08:36 PM
The Weeknd

"Earned it "

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Fri 08/26/22 12:12 PM

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Fri 08/26/22 12:09 PM
Just let me know if you need something more!


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Wed 08/24/22 11:44 AM
Democrat leaders like to give out taxpayers dollars to whatever they think that is important.

Thing is they don't think.

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Tue 08/23/22 02:01 PM

Very Entertaining

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