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Fri 02/03/23 07:51 PM
Sounds like you applied too much pressure too soon and his intentions /expectations did not match yours .

If he had any interest in pursuing a connection with you he would have made an effort to contact you and maintain the connection . He has made his choice . Leave him be :-) waving

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Fri 02/03/23 07:31 PM
The truth lies within love :heart:

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Fri 02/03/23 06:57 PM
Stormy … Nz is much better than Australia :wink: biggrin

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Fri 02/03/23 06:56 PM
Loving the heatwave in the south .. the ocean is sooo warm and inviting :heart: could do with a tropical breeze to cool down with .

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Fri 02/03/23 06:51 PM
According to new scientist … “it takes approx 88 days for men to fall in love :heart_eyes_cat: and for women 134 days laugh laugh so stop mucking about and get a wriggle on bigsmile

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Fri 02/03/23 06:32 PM
Very poignant Kenith . I hope you found your smile again waving

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Fri 02/03/23 06:20 PM
It’s getting closer biggrin is everyone as excited as me ??!

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Sun 01/29/23 09:33 PM
Edited by Blondey111 on Sun 01/29/23 09:48 PM
For those having trouble finding a valentine ….

I watched a trailer today for blue planet … about a female lizard living on a tiny island . She was looking for a mate but her options were limited … Her choices were described as …

The eye licker
The male who had dropped his tail
And the heavy breather

Wonder who she selected for her valentine lol :

The moral of the story .. there is a valentine for everyone :heart:

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Sun 01/29/23 09:20 PM
Abandon thread …. waving Apple is awol again and I have been distracted with secret squirrel stuff bigsmile

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Sun 01/29/23 09:02 PM

Rock .. are you going to participate in the Texas zoo’s Valentine’s Day promotion … they will name a cockroach, vegetable or rodent after your ex and feed it to an animal at the zoo .. . only in texas laugh laugh

B...bu... But,
I've been in Florida now, for a little over a year.

Wait! Will they feed an ex to an animal at the zoo? bigsmile
you don’t have to live in texas .. just send a donation and they can send a video to the ex …

No exes harmed in the making of the video lol :joy:

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Sun 01/29/23 08:24 PM
I have just discovered if I send a photo of myself I can get a pillow made of my face and body rofl rofl rofl The pillow can be a mini me size or LifeSize !!!!

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Sun 01/29/23 08:19 PM
@cat .. the dancing tip was for men to help them get their hips moving .
If dancing isn’t for you .. do what makes you happy flowers

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Sun 01/29/23 08:17 PM

The guys are getting some practise in.

aww .. I can’t see the graphics .. what are the guys doing lol .. are you practising too duttoneer waving

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Sun 01/29/23 08:15 PM
@bob .. not just watching lmao 🤣

Actually dirty dancing was on a few weeks ago …. Patrick definitely had sex appeal drool

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Sun 01/29/23 08:12 PM
@ stormwaving .. I have shared a number of yoga poses and exercises to promote male health over the years .. but I m not convinced the mingle men have been being paying attention ..

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Sun 01/29/23 08:09 PM
I am wondering if all the recent shaking in NZ has anything to do with jackhammer soufie setting off the ring of fire biggrin

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Sun 01/29/23 08:07 PM
Rock .. are you going to participate in the Texas zoo’s Valentine’s Day promotion … they will name a cockroach, vegetable or rodent after your ex and feed it to an animal at the zoo .. . only in texas laugh laugh

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Sat 01/28/23 02:28 AM
Oh and please post your practise videos on this thread for the mingle ladies to view :angel:

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Sat 01/28/23 02:22 AM
Edited by Blondey111 on Sat 01/28/23 02:57 AM
Thought I would share something to help warm up your hips in preparation for Valentine’s day .. especially for those who may be feeling a bit rusty (not mentioning any names )

Who better than MJ and JT to teach you lads how to move your pelvis smitten .. … just in case you are not spending Valentine’s alone ….

You have 17 days to practise biggrin

Xox blondey waving and singing “baby …love never felt so good “

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Sat 01/28/23 12:07 AM
Feeling soooo lucky :four_leaf_clover: have had two wonderful surprises already this month bigsmile

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