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Thu 10/22/20 03:22 PM
dag nabit yer catchin up to melaugh

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Thu 10/22/20 03:17 PM
no there is no connection of the forums to your dating site account.
if you are interested in seeing if someone responded to a post you made try using the my topics instead of the recent posts. that will show you the topics you posted in ordered by the last time anyone posted in it

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Wed 10/07/20 02:47 PM
not only for a year but you survived as wellshocked laugh

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Wed 10/07/20 02:46 PM
some travel

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Wed 10/07/20 02:45 PM
do you think you have ever met a BRAT better then me????

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Wed 10/07/20 02:44 PM
note to self... keep an eye on ltp thread while on vacation

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Wed 10/07/20 02:42 PM
tele type

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Wed 10/07/20 02:41 PM
is a simple decision really

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Wed 10/07/20 02:40 PM
only 33 pages. hurry up peeps! i wanna swoop in for the win againbigsmile

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Wed 10/07/20 02:36 PM
BRAT is my votelaugh

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Wed 10/07/20 02:33 PM
brat is incorrect, BRAT is correctbigsmile

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Wed 10/07/20 02:23 PM
words to challenge kk shall be left forevermore tongue2

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Wed 10/07/20 11:03 AM
going... COOKIES!!!drool

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Wed 10/07/20 11:01 AM
omg cutiepie i have explained this at least a dozen times!!!!

pionate is passionate mingle use to use a different swear filter. and it could not differentiate when swears were actually part of another word so the a.s.s. got automatically removed from passionate

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Mon 10/05/20 02:19 PM

Right now it feels like
1 a cigarette
2 another cigarette
3 a 3rd cigarette

- Seeing either of my kids love
- The sun shining
- my new warm winter coat

do i hafta come visit puffing on a stogie again?
i can find a really really stinky one

short weeks
longer weekends
and good weather to enjoy them in

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Sat 10/03/20 11:20 AM
posting a ransom note i found in my draferr junkmail. yeh that's right in my junkmail...

place da kitkat in a sack an leave the sack by the bathhouse on da beach or da post learns ta swim wit da fishies
anon e mouse

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Fri 10/02/20 02:34 PM
young noobs

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Fri 10/02/20 02:33 PM
secure parachuteslaphead

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Fri 10/02/20 02:31 PM
forgot parachuteoops

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Fri 10/02/20 02:27 PM
Edited by eric22t on Fri 10/02/20 02:28 PM
grumble return parachute

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