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Sun 03/28/21 08:53 AM
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I see a lot of funny and some really odd suggestions.

All you have to do is be in a caloric deficit (eat less like 500 calories less) and workout often like 3 days out of the week.

Diet is literally the most important part of gaining/losing weight.

Remember you don't have to restrict yourself just eat in moderation and you can most definitely enjoy the sweet and carbs.

Eating food before bed DOES NOT make you gain weight, but eating caloric dense food can whereas nutrients dense foods can even benefit you (depending on the food). Food has no time limit.

Mixing foods together (ex. milk and cinnamon) DOES NOT assist in weight lost. Milk would most likely bloat you instead if it's cow milk.

Use this site to calculate your caloric intake:

Do some research into it or message me if you still need help.

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Fri 03/19/21 02:40 AM
hungry and tired

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Fri 03/19/21 02:39 AM
I hate tomatoes.

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Thu 03/18/21 03:19 AM
Triggered Kangaroo

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Mon 03/15/21 04:20 AM
Well since I have nothing to do and I'm off this semester from university, I am going to just write out my workout split. If anyone is curious about how does a splits looks, where to start and drown some minds in a little education. Feel free to ask questions. :smile:

I've been into weight training since 2016 and slowly got into powerlifting. I hate the way my body looks and even performed, but after I sort of got what I wanted I then was interested in getting stronger to beat people as*es. I usually workout for 5-6 days a week and I have been slowly introducing myself to an athletes workout routine (for curiosity) and I am now getting into boxing and muay thai.

**If you want to start for yourself, I'll touch on that later.**

My split is for body building:

I would warm up with a 15 minute walk on the treadmill or join my mum in her walk sessions.

My set and repetitions depends on my current goals if I'm cutting or bulking and if I'm training for endurance, strength or hypertrophy (building muscle).

*Abs everyday*
Exercises - Russian Twist, Cycle, Leg Raises, Butterfly Leg Raises, In & Outs.

Monday - Quads & Glutes
Exercises (All these are weighted not body weight) - Leg Extension, Leg Press, Lunges, Walking Lunges, Sumo & Conventional Deadlift, Hip Thrusts, Lateral Leg Rises, Donkey Kickbacks, Kickbacks.

Tuesday - Back & Shoulders
Exercises - Lat Pull Downs, Single Lat Pull Downs, Back Press, Overhead Press, Butterfly, Dumbell Lateral Raise, Barbell Front Raises.

Wednesday - Leg Day (Go Hard!)
Exercises - I only focus on compound movements (exercises that work the entire body) like Squats, Front Squats, Deadlifts, Leg Press I add alot of Hip Thrusts.

Thursday - Biceps, Triceps & Chest
Exercises (I use small weights) -Bicep Curls, Barbell Back Rows, Bench Press, Tricep Extension, Shoulder Press, Triceps Cable Push Down, Pec Fly.

Friday - Hammies & Side Glutes
Exercises - Good Morning, Stiff Leg DeadLift, Conventional Deadlift, Hammie Curls, Fire Hydrants, Side Clams, Lateral Leg Cable.

Saturday & Sunday are rest days.


I try to always hit my protein intake because that is what I would be needing for my muscles to repair and build back bigger and stronger. (I do love my carbs tho :heart: ). I don't track my calories or macros anymore....for a long time now.

I eat whatever I want and I don't beat myself up if I decided to eat very horrible because at the end of the day I already ate it so I might as well forgive myself for it and move on. I do however try not to overeat when I'm cutting and under eat when I'm bulking.


If you want to get into working out you would have to decide on your goals; from being fit, building muscle, increasing speed and acceleration, endurance or stamina you should workout 3 day a week but do full-bodied workouts. You are new and your body would not be use to new movements especially ones that are going to make you sore for awhile so its best not to overwork your body to avoid injuries.

Basic Routine:
*Take your time! Always stretch after you workout also warm up. :thumbsup:*
You can set it up however you want I would do Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Full Body
Squats 3x12
Leg Raises 3x12 (each side)
Bicep Curls 3x12
In & Outs Kicks 3x12
Donkey Kickbacks 3x12
Fire Hydrants 3x12 (each side)
Hip Thrusts 3x12
Jump Squat 3x12
Chair Dips 3x12
Russian Twist 30 seconds
Burpees 30 seconds
Wall Sit 30 seconds


I try not to pressure my body into working out cause I would most likely not do it with the correct form. So just take it easy and let your body rest, but don't try to baby yourself.

I personally choice to get into body building because I wanted to shape my body in a way that I wanted without the use of surgical means (if you want surgery then go for it).

Be sure to look up the exercises if you want to avoid injuries and learn the correct form.

I hate cardio.

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Mon 03/15/21 03:08 AM

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Mon 03/15/21 03:07 AM
Fall is one of the seasons I detest.

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Mon 03/15/21 03:03 AM
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I do one of the two:
-Don't care.
-Fk with them back. (with humor that is)

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Mon 03/15/21 02:57 AM
I honestly don't care for a person height.
If a girl/dude is shorter than me then you my lil baby.
If a girl/dude is taller than me then you the big spoon.