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Thu 02/09/23 08:13 PM
wavingHey DIflowerforyou

Really Friendly Person


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Thu 02/09/23 08:11 PM
wavingHey Mac


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Thu 02/09/23 08:10 PM
mole that scarred most of the left half of his face...

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Thu 02/09/23 08:05 PM
:wave:Mike, we don't need any more
snow. Send me some:sun_with_face:insteadshades

Work Experience

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Thu 02/09/23 07:57 PM
Hanoi, Vietnam

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Thu 02/09/23 07:55 PM
wavingHey Robin

Quick Rescue Someone

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Thu 02/09/23 07:54 PM
wavingHey Paul


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Thu 02/09/23 07:53 PM
wavingHey Vibes


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Wed 02/08/23 08:51 PM

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Wed 02/08/23 08:50 PM
Fargo, ND

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Wed 02/08/23 08:49 PM
wavingHola Mikeshades

City Lights

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Wed 02/08/23 08:48 PM
wavingHey DS, Vibes, Robin:slight_smile:

Occupational Therapist

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Wed 02/08/23 08:47 PM
wavingHey Deedrinks

Moving Now Occasionally

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Wed 02/08/23 08:43 PM
wavingHey DIflowerforyou

Reading Quietly Today


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Tue 02/07/23 04:01 PM
She's Mine Only


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Tue 02/07/23 03:46 PM
wavingPoetry - I'll give her the messagelaugh

Let's Make Allowances


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Tue 02/07/23 03:45 PM
wavingHey Mac - How ya doing?
Just slowing you guys down a tiny bitlaugh


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Tue 02/07/23 03:42 PM
Yes, if you're NOT doing it:expressionless:. Shopping is a task for you, great...skip it. Do something that is fun for you. I absolutely LOVE to shop. I'll shop for anything...clothes, furniture, appliances, bouquets, music, paintings, don't care what the item is...sign me up, please. At my job I sometimes have to be a personal day ever!!!

When I see "fishing" on a guy's profile, I don't automatically calculate how many hours he'll be gone, whether he'll want to spend money to buy a boat, the scent of the fish, etc. We all have numerous interests and they should all have different levels of priority. If you and your partner have to be the same side of a coin, life is going to get monotonous very quickly (well, it would for me anyway. I like having different interests and hobbies than a partner. Gives me an opportunity to try and learn something new.

I'm positive that activity and hobby have different time to actually look that up, because that will cut into my shopping time:expressionless:

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Tue 02/07/23 03:18 PM
Now That's Tasty


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Tue 02/07/23 03:17 PM
Zagazig, Egypt

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