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Sun 02/05/23 03:12 PM

Vegan Lasagna (I'm having ham on the side)shades

Tech! That sounds really good. How was the lasagna??

OT: So far a spoonful of PB on a flour tortilla.

wavingHey Stormy - Just seeing this. I don't know how to scroll unless I'm homelaugh

I was extremely surprised; but the lasagna was the bomb! That's pretty much the only thing my daughter could get me to try. She used spaghetti noodles, black beans, kidney beans, cream cheese, vegan cheese and sauce.

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Sun 02/05/23 03:03 PM
Spicy diced pork with steamed cabbage, carrots & cucumbers.

I made something similar last week but with tofu and no hot sauce, served with rice & kidney beans.

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Sat 02/04/23 04:26 PM
Attacks Character

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Sat 02/04/23 04:23 PM

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Sat 02/04/23 04:22 PM
wavingThanks, Paul
:wave:Hey Robin

Very Wet Xbox

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Sat 02/04/23 04:20 PM
wavingHey Deeflowerforyou

Always Be Grateful


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Sat 02/04/23 04:18 PM

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Sat 02/04/23 04:17 PM
wavingHey DIflowerforyou


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Sat 02/04/23 04:16 PM
Vista, CA

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Sat 02/04/23 04:15 PM
wavingThanks, DS:slight_smile:

Hotel Concierge

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Sat 02/04/23 04:11 PM
Your Honor:heart:

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Fri 02/03/23 03:50 PM
Finally ~ meat's on the menu; since I'm back home. Soooo, I can't decide what to cook first:sweat_smile:. While I try to make up my mind, I'm doing some loaded fries (think there's more ham than fries:expressionless:

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Fri 02/03/23 03:44 PM

If you have his cell number why not call him????

That was exactly what I was about to ask. If you don't like to "talk" you can always text. The question Mr. Good Guy asked though is the one you should really be asking yourself. What's the point? It's not that difficult to just :notes:shake it off...:notes: (Taylor Swift).

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Fri 02/03/23 03:38 PM
A Beautiful Sight


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Fri 02/03/23 03:37 PM
Set Loose

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Fri 02/03/23 03:37 PM

Lingering Look

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Fri 02/03/23 03:28 PM
San Clemente, CA

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Fri 02/03/23 03:26 PM


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Fri 02/03/23 03:25 PM
wavingHey DS - How things going?


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Fri 02/03/23 03:24 PM
All Bases Covered

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