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Fri 03/31/23 06:20 AM
It really depends on what they were caught
cheating at.

For example: It's perfectly acceptable to
break the fingers of a card cheat.

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Wed 03/29/23 04:49 PM
Floral City, Florida

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Wed 03/29/23 10:32 AM
In the part of the world I live in,
most of the broads find "dame" an
offensive term.

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Wed 03/29/23 09:59 AM
One very specific raccoon.

Rocket Raccoon, from the movie Guardians of the

He's an a-hole, just like me.

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Wed 03/29/23 09:56 AM
Dade City, Florida

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Wed 03/29/23 08:19 AM

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Wed 03/29/23 07:32 AM
... and, the self proclaimed "nice guys"
have the psychological tendencies of
passive aggressive behaviour.

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Mon 03/27/23 04:48 PM
There is no such thing
as an honest career politician.

Some weasels just hide in donkey suits.
Other weasels hide in elephant suits.

Weasels be weaselin'.

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Sun 03/26/23 01:54 PM

Biden, today in Canada trying to praise Canadians:..."Today I applaud China for stepping up, I mean Canada". Cringe worthy


Biden is a f'tard.
No doubt about it.

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Sat 03/25/23 10:01 AM

can we trust a person second time?


A person has to go a long way to lose my trust.
But, once trust is gone, it's gone forever.

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Fri 03/24/23 04:50 PM

@ RockHammer
How is it everything being done is solely on Political differences?
This Country has Laws for all of us. Regardless of our Political affiliation.

Because, previous presidents had committed
similar, or much worse actions.
None were ever indicted or charged.
This includes Obama, and George H.W. Bush #41.

What makes the persecution of Trump politically
motivated, is that it's being led by the most
rabid of liberal Democrats.

Only if...
If your main news source wasn't Stephen Colbert...
..and central dems and independents and even some Republicans. Everyone except ultra maga oops

BTW, charge all them if they committed crimes, yes please.:wink:

Stephen Colbertlaugh

The most they can get him for, is treason against
the loony left. After all, Trump was a card
carrying member of the loony leftist wing of the
Democratic party, until 2015.

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Tue 03/21/23 02:13 PM

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Tue 03/21/23 02:00 PM

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Fri 03/17/23 05:16 PM

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Thu 03/16/23 12:01 PM
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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Thu 03/16/23 05:33 AM

What would you do if you discovered that you’re the 2nd gf and your whole relationship was a lie?

In a situation like this,
even the 1st is nothing more than a side piece.

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Wed 03/15/23 07:40 PM
Free Drug Zone bumpersticker

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Wed 03/15/23 07:37 PM

I’m going to research this, because Bart, you do tend to post some hyperbolic, incomplete information. I am fairly certain there is more to it than this. But we can agree that California has some crazy stuff going on.

I did get something wrong , sorry. It’s only San Francisco. For now anyway. And I could be wrong about the governor’s support. But the #s are correct for what they recommend. Every citizen of a different race in San Francisco would be on the hook for $600,000.00

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Wed 03/15/23 06:54 PM
The reparations story is true.
I'm laughing my azz off, because California
was never a slave state...

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Wed 03/15/23 07:38 AM
I'm an a-hole.

Oh wait!
Was I suppose to post a random fact,
that everyone didn't already know?

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