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Mon 11/30/15 10:02 PM

Mon 11/30/15 01:02 AM
hi I would stop trying. it seems the harder people try the more unhappy they get. to have patients an keep your eyes open she or he may have walked past you but you whr not paying attention. slow down an look up now an again. .

ps please don't take it to heart. x

Mon 11/30/15 12:51 AM

Those who get a sexual satisfaction will live happily and can think positively and get success in it mean sex is d medicine for intelligence of human. Give Ur expert opinion ladies and gentlemen.

Op, just a quick observation. Given the state of your grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, & spelling? I'd strongly suggest that you get laid or wank-off As Soon As Possible!!! shocked
BTW: Attempting to read such poor writing promotes festering & oozing sores to manifest over the entirety of my body...sick So please under No Circumstances delude yourself in the thought that I hold any interest in helping you raise your IQ score. shades

well said...

Mon 10/26/15 02:50 PM

May I Promise Myself Instead -
On my 90th Day-

Please do not make me promise to always keep up
& beat the system.
I cannot and will not.
I choose to walk my own path.

I read it here in the board ,
in one of the threads from
Somebody whose opinion,
I really value says that "maybe
the person struggling is the one insane,
because others were able to beat the system"

At that time I do not know what that means.
I felt so defensive at that time, I even committed
argumentum ad hominem.

Today on my 90th day,
I do not feel the need to beat the system:

1.If u mean there are less people here & more
accts, I have figured that out in my 60th day?
Does it bother me? At first yes.
Then eventually No.
Why would I care if it is their 2nd alternate
or the 1000th?
It just means they have so much time in their hands,
and they have reasons why they are doing it.
We could never 2nd guess their reasons & motives.
If I interact with them, it is because I feel
the need to give my own perspective.

2.If u mean, people who feel the need to always
make another account everytime they want to
open a new topic, give their support, give their
criticisms, I too am aware of that few weeks ago,
when I see a lot of old accounts, but does not add up
to who they should be?

Do we need to judge them because they do not have
the courage to post it on their own main accounts?
Let them be. It is their choice.
To each of his/her own.

For now, may I promise instead not to be like them.
Because I do not have the time and I do not see the need:

I have a topic that has been erased because I break so
many rules on that one.
So what is a worst topic that I cannot open if I wanted to?

I have posts deleted and is known to hijacked threads when
I am emotional.
So what is a worst opinion that I cannot say in my own
username that I feel the need to waste time & open another
one? So I can go back to my word and feel bad that I could not
keep my word? Pretty illogical right?

I even did drama when people are overboard.
Heck I even declared I am player in the board,
even if some people in the company I am working with says:

-men hates drama & players
-men hates unfeminine & loud bi++++ches

It is my way of being fair to
someone who will be serious in
getting to know me.

I rationalize, if he can accept me
despite my username,
despite my attitude in the board,
despite my lack of class & fashion sense
despite my lack of very feminine attributes
then maybe I can affect him, like a woman
should affect her man in the most basic
law of attraction between a man & a woman.

May I promise instead to be who I have claimed to be,
and said who I am.

woohoo hear hear nicely well said I like your styles.

Tue 10/20/15 01:06 AM
interesting. :-)

Fri 07/10/15 02:53 AM
Can I have a room please. Im a loony toon. Lol

Fri 07/10/15 02:51 AM
Life an loving it.

Fri 07/10/15 02:49 AM
Hello it's been along time.:banana:

Fri 07/10/15 02:34 AM

Breezes in and gives the kiwi girls a hug . Flight . Girl you have been AWOL .. Lovely to see you back flowers waving

Hiya Annie hope you have your nipple warmers on .. Minus one degree tonight already in the south . Snow is finally on its way smitten waving
hi blondey always a pleasure to see your beautiful smile hun.. :wink:

Fri 07/10/15 02:31 AM
Hi annie happy

Fri 07/10/15 01:57 AM
Hello anyone in rotorua

Wed 06/10/15 11:27 PM
Kindergarten teacher

Wed 06/10/15 11:23 PM
Umm where's my slippers :wink:

Wed 06/10/15 11:15 PM
:banana: what's up kiwi's

Sat 06/06/15 04:07 AM
drinks :banana: :banana: laugh :wink: hellooooooo:wink:

Fri 04/17/15 04:09 AM
Mmmmm all me old friends a big kiss hello an how's it going. .. flowers flowerforyou

Fri 04/17/15 04:02 AM
What's up minglers it's been interesting an just one of the most busiest year awesome. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: smokin drinker flowers

Fri 04/17/15 03:52 AM
Blablabla I see this forum still needs to catch up so boring this NZ forum not many around aye... blablabla......lmao.......:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: smokin

Sat 12/20/14 10:12 PM

Merry Christmas flight and enzed from one of the undead .. Laughing. :-)
Merry christmas an a very rocking an happy New Years Blondey and enzed :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

Tue 12/16/14 08:39 PM
Goals keep

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