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Tue 10/15/19 04:15 PM

Name a word or a Phrase that you can't stand.

Mine is "Northern Ireland"

good Que
i don't think i have one

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Tue 10/15/19 04:08 PM

Has anyone already gone ?

i seen some pics and a few tv shows about it
looks really, really, cold
i would advize to dress warm
do ya get to go play with the penguins ? : )
sadly i dont know if they are friendly or not
i have been told i should never give a bear a bear hug, i thought they would like it
it is a hug named after them after all : )
best wishes on your travel

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Sun 10/13/19 08:55 PM

Should pregnant women date while pregnant?

well unless they are devoted to someone all ready
or married to someone (not one that has ended and ya just waiting for the paper work)

but any who as long as the lady is ready <shrug>
i see no reason why not

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Thu 10/10/19 03:21 PM
it is wetter under water , if you are there , when it rains

best wishes on ya hunt

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Thu 10/10/19 03:17 PM
Congrats : )

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Wed 10/09/19 10:08 AM

bhut akela hon koi girl Bhabhi aunty msg kro bat to kr lo

I am very lonely, there is no girl-in-law aunty kissing crow

welcome to mingle
waves, from the other side of the world, keep your head up, what you are looking for could be right around the next corner, happy hunting, and best wishes on your hunt, i am using a translator, so hope this does not sound too funny

mingle में आपका स्वागत है
तरंगें, दुनिया के दूसरी तरफ से, अपना सिर ऊपर रखें, जिसे आप ढूंढ रहे हैं वह अगले कोने के आसपास सही हो, खुश शिकार, और आपके शिकार पर शुभकामनाएं, मैं एक अनुवादक का उपयोग कर रहा हूं, इसलिए आशा है कि यह ध्वनि नहीं है बहुत अजीब

minglai mein aapaka svaagat hai
tarangen, duniya ke doosaree taraph se, apana sir oopar rakhen, jise aap dhoondh rahe hain vah agale kone ke aasapaas sahee ho, khush shikaar, aur aapake shikaar par shubhakaamanaen, main ek anuvaadak ka upayog kar raha hoon, isalie aasha hai ki yah dhvani nahin hai bahut ajeeb

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Wed 10/09/19 09:57 AM
congrats on ya first post : )
Joined Fri 04/13/18
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Wed 10/09/19 09:57 AM

I have massive backpain...since last 5 days..
Continue travelling..

Any suggestions or advice ?

see a doc before ya do any more damage
icey hot can help , so can pain pills
but here is the deal
you can F it up even more
so go get ya self checked out see if its as simple as a pulled or stretched muscle of if ya did somethen worse

my idea here is you are able to push yourself past the pain
but that wont fix the problem and you can really be messen ya self up worse then it all ready is

you do everything (just about) with your back
go to a DOC
ya should know that , you are asken here after all (so ya know somethen is wrong), listen to your inside voice
not that one
the other one
: )
hope ya get better soon

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Tue 10/08/19 07:03 AM

1: EVERY man sees you as "used goods" that comes with an extra burden that was the result of your poor judgement when you chose to breed with someone you had no intention of staying with.

2: When you make excuses (He was psycho and abusive, etc.) it only reinforces the notion that you have EXTREMELY poor judgement.

(Begin outrage now)

1 i have never looked at a lady that way (i norm feel bad for the father, if they ever wake up and learn what they are missing, sadly most dont)
but its all good , i know it takes a lot to step up and fill the shoes in a child's eye

wonder does that count for widows as well, guess that was a poor judgment in your eyes as well, they should have picked someone that wasnt going to die or get killed

i dont know of any single mothers that made a child thinking the father was going to walk (not including lady's carrying kids for another)

2 guessing you have never been blinded by love , willing to over look things that you look at later and go what the blank was i thinking (and wouldnt have over looked if it was a someone you where not dating or married too)

any who good luck on your rant
hope it yields you lots of treasure

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Sun 10/06/19 11:01 PM

Now days dating means only hookupDating

that all depends on who you ask
it would be like saying everyone likes (pop corn shrimp)
uhm i dont eat sea food
just food for thought
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and congrats on ya 2nd post

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Tue 10/01/19 12:12 PM

Just joined. Always been gay curious but have never acted upon it.
Have now decided to take the plunge and am looking for someone with patience who is willing to teach.

Really unsure how to go about it and am hoping here is a good start:wink:

i have no idea about the population on here
i know about a year ago i was getting hit on left and right by guys
flattering , but i am not and never have been interested in guys
but welcome to mingle
best wishes on your hunt

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Tue 10/01/19 02:19 AM

Being bitter and degrading the former love of your life, says a lot about you.

bitter maybe , spent a lot of time and effort 13 + years and thought it was for life ...and then to have that happen ...maybe with a lean to the yes if you are meaning it in referring to hurt .... yes that bleepen hurt

uhm where was i degrading =causing a loss of self-respect; humiliating. ?
maybe if i showed it to her or there was a chance in a million years of her reading it (uhm she was there, she knows it happened)... or i could have told her present husband the 20 some odd times he asked me in less there a 12 hour time span , when i helped them move from there old house to there new, now that for sure would be degrading

But telling the truth about how i used my life to try explain my point on love is cruel is degrading ....
lost me on that one
and i don't really have any other experiences that felt like that to explain my point
i could make one up for ya, but yeah that's not me
even what i wrote, i didn't even call her a name
i try not to judge, i know i am not perfect ... not by a long shot, but its all good, cause no one is, every human has a crack in there butt
and besides i have not time to walk a mile in there shoes, i seen a lot of people in high heals, i would break my neck for sure
but good point on the bitter
yes that bleepen hurt what she did
any who i am way off topic and i don't wanna go to mingle jail
i heard the food service in there sucks
but i did at least want to respond to a text that seams aimed at me

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Tue 10/01/19 01:25 AM

no dat you need to hang out here more to learn all the bitter ways not to belaugh

fair enough : )

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Mon 09/30/19 07:12 PM

sorry dat even falling out of love is not cruel

cruel requires intent to cause pain/ harm

love doesn't have the intent

i was talking more like with me X wife
once she decided to open her legs to other guys
i fell out of love
i sure felt a lot of pain over it
i really don't think she did it to make me happy, knowing i was going to wake up to bed spring poppen

but i do see your point Eric

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Mon 09/30/19 01:46 PM

"They say it's done to make the site fun and engaging.."

hhhmm i think the same people would think implementing ai bots would be a good idea too

watched a program the other night on ai , it started off with sex bots (glad i didnt they showed later you could wear a helm in one room and in another room the ai would show you the face of the human pic you where looking at) , so i all most turned it off , but any who , did ya know top of the line sex bots come with an app for your cell , so you can talk to them while you are away from them ? ?

sadly i dont see a way to get rid of the scammers and fakes
as long as people are maken money from scamming, it wont end (i could get more in tec with this, but i dont want to learn the scammers)
and as long as there are people thinking its funny to play people, that will never end : (

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Mon 09/30/19 12:56 PM

Why is love so cruel?

love is not cruel
now falling out of love or being forced out of it is

noun: love; plural noun: loves

an intense feeling of deep affection.
"babies fill parents with feelings of love"

a great interest and pleasure in something.
"his love for football"

verb: love; 3rd person present: loves; past tense: loved; past participle: loved; gerund or present participle: loving

feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).
"do you love me?"


wait sexual attachment , i disagree with that one
to me love and lust/ and or desire are 2 different things
dictionary writer i am not

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Mon 09/30/19 12:28 PM
The Devil Went Down To Georgia White Trash Washing Machine Cover
•Jan 31, 2017

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Mon 09/30/19 12:07 AM
congrats on your first post : )
welcome to the zoo
best wishes on your hunt

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Mon 09/30/19 12:05 AM
i wonder if that calls in to practice the you have to be sub to read mail
but yet they had out free 3 days passes(full access the many scammers that i talked to) if i remember that sight right

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Mon 09/30/19 12:02 AM
A Tribe Called Red - Burn Your Village To The Ground (Neon Nativez Remix)
•Oct 8, 2015

"They have to kill us because they can't break our spirit."
- John Trudell

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