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Sun 08/16/15 09:45 PM
How the heck can i upload a pic from my fb page to my mingle profile

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Sun 08/16/15 09:50 PM
Save it to your PC (Desktop works nicely) then
upload it via the Browse option here:

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Sun 08/16/15 09:59 PM
Ty bae. Im so discouraged with it that i believe ill try dat tomorrow.... you have no idea the issues/trouble i've had creating this account... anyway ty again. Hopefully ill have some pictures tomorrow.

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Sun 08/16/15 10:03 PM

Cool :-)
And it always helps to know what you are attempting
to upload with, mobile or PC and maybe the OS.

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Sun 08/16/15 10:34 PM
sorry for delay. obviously im a cyber rookie. i have a 13 yr niece dat could damn be an tech for these phones at age 5. and i can't even upload a pic... lol.. what am i getting myself into?
um i do everything from my phone bae..never bought a laptop, etc. never had a need for one.. im using an LG android. btw

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Sun 08/16/15 10:50 PM
holy sh#!. i did it bae.. whoop whoop

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Sat 01/19/19 11:40 AM
I cannot comment because I don't have the code in my email or spam. You say to check it and its not there. How can I start over because this is frustrating that I can't reply to my mail box

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Mon 01/28/19 03:20 AM

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Mon 01/28/19 03:52 AM
Follow instructions above your post.

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Wed 03/13/19 10:21 AM
More one account creat

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Mon 07/08/19 08:39 AM
Trying to set up a new acct

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Mon 07/08/19 08:40 AM

Trying to set up a new acct

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