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Wed 04/10/24 06:16 PM
Of course...wb ;-)

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Tue 04/09/24 11:25 AM

It seems you are the one most worried about always
paying...whereas she appears less worried
on that point.

So, perhaps she feels she has already reciprocated,
even if all she does is show up...guess she
doesn't talk or laugh or enjoy much if you
call that contributing nothing.

She may be feeling, you have to eat anyway why not
have someone to share that with? Or she may be
testing you for the generosity gene, I bet
your face already shows you lack it ;-)

People have their own version of what constitutes
reciprocity, you best move on if you want
someone to always go halvsies, they are a small
pool of probably desperate diners ;-)

Now man up and pay for the dang date you asked for.

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Sun 04/07/24 04:22 PM

What is love?

It is like skydiving.
Without the wind.

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Sat 04/06/24 07:21 PM
You pimping out the wife?

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Sat 03/30/24 12:57 PM

I don't want to waste anyone's time, so if there's no chance of marriage at the start (i.e., they have a previous relationship), then I don't bother with a date, as it's not worth wasting the time and money.

I've wasted time here talking to women who suddenly remember a previous relationship after several days of conversation.... obviously sex gives you amnesia!

It is never going to be a problem Dave as women
are not attracted to the narrow-minded and

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Sat 03/30/24 12:49 PM

2 lobster tails, baked potato and broccoli.


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Sat 03/30/24 12:45 PM

yeah, being single is definitely cool because all you gotta do is think about YOU... but it doesn't compare to being in love. Love is a beautiful thing

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Thu 03/28/24 07:06 PM

I want the same kind of sneakers that MLB players have.
You better start growing your feet ;-)

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Fri 03/22/24 08:09 PM

Supply and demand.

The more you have the less you need.

Sorry, I'm dense and not catching the point...

What do you mean?

If they are 'constantly pursuing' sex it might seem
they are not getting enough..the demand is higher.

If you are getting it regularly there is no need
to constantly pursue.

Supply meets demand.
Simpler: the more you get the less you need.

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Fri 03/22/24 06:24 PM

My very young friend just told me , that his girlfriend of two years got pregnant from another guy ..!

It appears everyone agrees it is not your
friend's child.

Only one way for that certainty..they have
not slept together.

That being the case, the choice is not your
friend's but rather the girlfriend's.

And she made the choice.
Seems simple.

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Fri 03/22/24 06:16 PM
Supply and demand.

The more you have the less you need.

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Fri 03/22/24 06:12 PM
Something definitively lost in translation

It is meant as a nod to the other half of
the a positive way,
meaning they are worthy of being called
'my better half'.

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Thu 03/21/24 07:12 PM
I have watched way too many Bears Eating People
videos now.

A nice campsite would be a blanket pulled over
a chair in my bedroom.

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Tue 03/19/24 12:12 PM

What the hell is wrong with me?

For starters, everyone but you is a loser.
Yet they got the girl(s).

Losers usually don't win.
Perhaps you have mislabeled all the people
in your scenario.

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Tue 03/19/24 07:26 AM

Couldn't happen to a more deserving criminal.

Besides, he is "too rich to have to pay a bond"...

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Mon 03/18/24 04:14 PM
I stuff refrigerator biscuits with: roast beef,
green pepper, onions and provalone cheese..had
a Philly Cheese Steak Pizza once so I tried
to mimic the ingredients, turns out
really well ;-)

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Mon 03/18/24 01:55 PM

That's everywhere, just block n report or ignore..

true true. How long have you used this site?

You can see anyone's start date by looking
beneath their name on the forums.

Welcome ;-)

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Sun 03/17/24 03:20 PM
When my older sister got married it was a landslide
of gifts, most were personalized with their
married initial "M"...we could not understand it,
she simply was not that popular.

Then we found a gift with their full married name,
and it wasn't hers.

Seems the wedding before hers at Church had
had the same initial, M, and they were flooded
with returns.

All sent to the next bride..with the
same initial.

(Follow-up: They divorced after 30 years, he
survived stage 4 colon cancer, went to
a wedding, caught covid, died.)

I do not know what the moral of that story is ;-(

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Sun 03/17/24 07:47 AM

Why is it that when I offer to pay on a date and the guy tries to play the I earn more so it's fine, but when I tell them my salary they go sheepish and then don't tend to want to see me again?

Um, maybe cuz you are 19 and dating younger guys, so clearly you make more at your job then their mom gives them for an allowance 🤦

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Sun 03/17/24 07:46 AM

Everyone has a story, some are given time
to tell it.

Welcome ;-)

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