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Thu 03/30/23 10:16 PM

How to treat cheater?

There is only one way.
Cheat the cheater of your companionship.

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Tue 03/28/23 06:48 AM
I have never had Indian food.

Once, though, a neighbor from India made me a dish
that was so different I asked what the spice was
in it and she said turmeric which I had not
heard of at that point.

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Fri 03/24/23 02:19 PM
The Sloth.

Slow and determined but very kind ;-)

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Wed 03/22/23 07:41 AM
When we were 22, my boyfriend died.
It was a very difficult recovery.

One day, about 30 years later,
I was walking down a crowed street,
window-shopping when suddenly I
smelled his after-shave!

My head whipped around because for me,
in that moment before reality struck
like a truck, he was alive.

Man, a smell can trigger long-buried
memories instantaneously.

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Sun 03/19/23 04:42 PM
A guy that got kicked out of here went to another
dating site and told everyone I was a man.

I still get penile implant emails.

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Sat 03/18/23 11:32 AM

can you make me laugh?

Trump has morals.

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Sat 03/18/23 11:29 AM
I am 74 and have not forgotten anything.

Fantasy and reality become well-defined.

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Thu 03/16/23 05:31 AM

Do you still there’s still hope for you to be in a good relationship when you’ve experienced so many bad ones?

Of course.
That is what hope is.
Belief in the improbable.

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Mon 03/13/23 09:13 AM
Fishing, eh?
Obviously not the ugly factor.

Best of luck ;-)

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Sat 03/11/23 08:24 PM

That is going to depend on whether you mean new,
like a brunette, or new, like a species.

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Fri 03/10/23 07:08 AM
Some of the handsomest men I ever met were
dumb as posts.

Nothing there when you got there.

Now when I see a good-looking man, my eyes
usually roll and I am suspicious
of lobotomies.

So my suggestion is, back up the looks with
something substantial, become a good listener,
there is charm in silence also.

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Wed 03/08/23 11:50 AM
We all look our age.
If you cannot see it, try a different angle.

I would also guess that 5 years makes little
difference when you pass about 50.

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Tue 03/07/23 10:14 AM
Here is what you do..

Take a pic of the member in question and hang it
on the wall, maybe in the entryway.

When a chica sees it she will no doubt comment
favorably or unfavorably.

The vibe should guide you.

Plus, you get all that advertising.
Which you seem to like.


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Sun 03/05/23 05:57 PM
I'm sorry, how did you mislead her?

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Sun 03/05/23 10:43 AM

why is it so hard to find a Godfearong woman

Because at a certain age you do not fear anything.

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Sat 03/04/23 08:37 AM
So, you would have us believe, that a
36-year-old healthcare worker from Michigan was
given Top-Secret information about world
affairs..and did nothing about it, except post
to a dating site, years after the fact??

I cannot find any believable points in your post.

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Mon 02/27/23 01:53 PM
Are you looking at them meanly, like your picture?

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Sat 02/25/23 08:03 AM
Oregon, where I live now, used to have a motto
for tourists (paraphrased) that went
something like this:

"PLEASE visit Oregon.
Then, go home."

Go New Zealand ;-)

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Sun 02/19/23 09:17 AM

can 2People hav sex witout love
Which two?

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Mon 02/13/23 11:30 AM
Common cents I would say.
Obviously a scammer, report and block.

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