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Topic: Use the last word to start a new sentence - part 14
 ☮️ Coolchic Dee 💟's photo
Sat 12/26/20 09:20 PM
Stars can’t be seen tonight because it’s too cloudy :cloud::cloud:

Riverspirit1111's photo
Sun 12/27/20 03:05 AM
Cloudy skies aren't in the forecast today, it will be sunny.

Stu's photo
Sun 12/27/20 05:31 AM
Sunny today it is.
(In my best Yoda voice... )

cityblues21's photo
Sun 12/27/20 05:37 AM
Is it going to be a beautiful day or not?

no photo
Sun 12/27/20 05:39 AM
Not on my watch


Stu's photo
Sun 12/27/20 05:41 AM
Edited by Stu on Sun 12/27/20 05:41 AM
Watch and see.

 ☮️ Coolchic Dee 💟's photo
Sun 12/27/20 08:42 AM
See the sun is shining here today so.......yay! :sunny::sun_with_face:shades drinker drinker

Riverspirit1111's photo
Sun 12/27/20 10:18 AM
The sun is shining here as well. happy drinker

delightfulillusion's photo
Sun 12/27/20 10:21 AM
Well it would have been better if your sentence started with the last word of the previous sentence tongue2 laugh

 ☮️ Coolchic Dee 💟's photo
Sun 12/27/20 03:16 PM
Sentence games can be quite confusing when playing many at one time! :wink: laugh

Poetrywriter's photo
Sun 12/27/20 04:18 PM
Time for a snack since my stomach is growling real loud.

moomin's photo
Sun 12/27/20 04:40 PM
Loud rain and wind here , I live listening to it

Poetrywriter's photo
Sun 12/27/20 04:47 PM
It scares me since they are a childhood fear.

Cutiepieforyou's photo
Mon 12/28/20 09:11 AM
Fear of what I ask.

Stu's photo
Mon 12/28/20 09:17 AM
Ask nice and you may receive.

Cutiepieforyou's photo
Mon 12/28/20 09:18 AM
Receive what the universe has in store for you.

Stu's photo
Mon 12/28/20 09:21 AM
You never know what that is, until you get it. laugh

Riverspirit1111's photo
Mon 12/28/20 10:35 AM
It has been good so far, so I have faith it will continue. happy

 ☮️ Coolchic Dee 💟's photo
Tue 12/29/20 10:30 AM
Continue doing your best each day flowerforyou

Stu's photo
Tue 12/29/20 11:49 AM
Day after day, nothing changes. ohwell

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