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Topic: Use the last word to start a new sentence - part 14
Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 01/20/21 01:05 AM
Say good morning to Dee is what I'm doing. flowerforyou waving

 ☮️ Coolchic Dee 💟's photo
Wed 01/20/21 01:06 AM
Doing nothing but getting ready to get some sleep :sleeping::zzz:

Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 01/20/21 01:08 AM
Sleep I already did, almost time to get ready for work.

 ☮️ Coolchic Dee 💟's photo
Thu 01/21/21 04:51 PM
Work is really starting to wear me down! ohwell sad2

Poetrywriter's photo
Thu 01/21/21 10:40 PM
Down and out is what a lot of unlucky people say.

Riverspirit1111's photo
Fri 01/22/21 12:53 AM
Say kind words to others, treat each moment with them as if it's your last.

moomin's photo
Mon 01/25/21 12:39 PM
Last time I went out , it was nice and rainy

Riverspirit1111's photo
Mon 01/25/21 01:02 PM
Rainy days can wait until Springtime, I want snow.

Stu's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:26 PM
Snow can stay up there. laugh

Riverspirit1111's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:28 PM
There needs to be more. laugh

Stu's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:29 PM
More sun and warmth, yes.laugh

Riverspirit1111's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:32 PM
Yes, warmth would be nice, the fireplace isn't working and it's cold inside. grumble

Stu's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:33 PM
Inside is not a good place for cold unless you're a penguin.. laugh

Tell eric to fix it..

Riverspirit1111's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:35 PM
Penguin skin would be nice, it would keep me warm. laugh

He's still at work. ohwell

Stu's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:36 PM
Warm is something I could keep you if I was closer..bigsmile

Riverspirit1111's photo
Mon 01/25/21 03:39 PM
Closer would be great. bigsmile

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Tue 01/26/21 04:27 AM
Great things happen more than once.

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Fri 02/05/21 02:13 PM
Once is never enough when it comes to getting a massage.

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Tue 02/09/21 06:07 AM
Massage with a happy ending?

Riverspirit1111's photo
Tue 02/09/21 12:12 PM
Ending, no, it's only happy when it continues laugh

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