Topic: E.T. abductions debunked
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Tue 01/24/23 05:16 PM
Nobody claimming to have been abducted by "E.T.'s" has actually been abducted.
Here's the logical retort to it.

Let's say a species with the capability to transverse the cosmos in an efficient manner is actually doing so.

Ok, 1rst, there are trillions of planets and various bodies in our solar system alone and there are countless solar systems in the cosmere. To find us they have to be able locate us. Let's say they do because of the radio waves going into space since the 50's.

Ok, they come here. Let's start with the technology. People here call it advanced. Nope, just diffrent with elemants that don't exist here. They have to transverse light years efficiently. To do that, they need the technical knowledge of the various gases, solids, gravity points and wave frequencies that exist throughout the cosmere. Which means they can assemble a conveyance to safely transport them through all that (or around/under/over). In addition, they have to have a way to analyze things we don't even know exist yet. Don't you think that if they can do all this they would have a way to wipe memory?

Afterall, memory is an electrical impulse through a neural pathway in a brain (organic) from synapsis that are constantly firing. If they can relocate light years, they'd be able to alter neural pathways, ceasing certain electrical impules and in essence, fully clearing that particular memory.

With all this being said, why do people continue to believe "Joe Bob" and "Lucinda Louise" were kidnapped from the trailor park?

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Tue 01/24/23 09:02 PM
Also consider...

Every tale of aliens describe them as human-sized, more or less. Never very small like ankle sized and never really big like Avatar-sized or bigger/smaller.

Why do aliens hate cows?
Why do aliens draw in fields?

With all the video surveillance equipment in our world, why has there never been any actual video evidence which can be proven as fact?

What's the deal with aliens probing people's butts?

So, of all the galaxy, aliens who are very similar in size to us come to this planet to draw pictures in our fields, attack/kill cows and stick stuff up our butts.

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Tue 01/24/23 10:24 PM