Topic: Genshin Impact
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Wed 02/01/23 04:34 PM
This game is soooo amazing and great game, you guys should try playing it.

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Thu 02/02/23 05:49 AM
Ok Madam
You focus on studies we guys will play games 🤣🤣🤣

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Thu 02/02/23 07:38 AM
Love that game too!

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Fri 03/17/23 03:34 AM
Edited by Sam on Fri 03/17/23 03:38 AM
It is eye candy for an mmo.. my youngest plays it but there is one underlying issue i have with it: it is teaching kids to gamble with real money.

Periodically an OP toon is available, and only for a brief time to get it, most dont have the primogems to do the roll. So most buy the tokens and then have to play RNG to try and get that toon.

I dont know, maybe im getting old, but paying cash to roll for a chance is weak and deceptive.